We have a bit of a BS problem. No, we’re not full of it. Like just about every other woman on the planet, we see Boots and Shoes and we can’t stop ourselves. (Wait, what did you think we meant?) The thing is, Boot Rescue all-natural boot cleaning wipesas much as we adore our growing collection, we’re not always as good at preserving the beauty and making it last. We know that we should be treating our lovelies with the care they deserve: polishing the scuffs, airing them out, spraying with all protect and cleaning them regularly. Outside, our soles take a beating. They have to endure rain and mud and slush and salt and still emerge looking great.

Who has time for all that work though? We don’t. Except when the footwear we need—nope, require—to complete the perfect outfit is a total mess. What a let down.

Luckily, we’ve discovered the perfect solution, and because we care about you and your brand new boots, we’re not going to keep it a secret. It’s called Boot Rescue, and get ready to thank us because this tiny little packet is about to save your favourite boots from extinction.

Boot Rescue all-natural boot cleaning wipesWHAT IS BOOT RESCUE? 

Boot Rescue was created by Tracey Sloga, a Canadian woman (we are industrious, aren’t we?) who is as passionate about her boots as we are, but was tired of seeing her beloved footwear ruined by salt and slush stains. It’s an easy-to-use all-natural solution for cleaning dirty boots in a snap.

Imagine the possibilities as dirt, mud, salt, and grass stains are whisked away with just one swipe, leaving them looking like new again. Boot Rescue is safe to use on anything your boots are made of: leather, fabric, rubber, or even delicate suede.


Like you have to ask? Boot Rescue is fast, easy, and portable. We keep these magic makers in the car, in our purse, and by the front door. We’ll never have dirty boots again!


Open the package and swipe. That’s it. You’re left with spanking clean boots that are protected from further disasters, too.

Handbag Rescue cleaning wipesTHE BONUS 

You can also protect your shoes in a similar way with Shoe Rescue btw. And introducing the newest member of the family, Handbag Rescue ($8.99/10 individually packed wipes). A premium pack of wipes for use on leather or man-made fabrics, Purse Rescue contains all-natural ingredients that clean away dirt and surface stains plus essential oils to moisturize your bag, leaving it soft and supple—so that it lasts longer.


Give the Shoe Rescue Gift Box ($19.50/2o wipes) containing 5 individually wrapped packages each of Boot Rescue, Sandal Rescue, Shoe Rescue and Sneaker Rescue to your favourite shopper.

Price: $8.99/10 individually wrapped wipes

Where to Buy: at various retailers across Canada (click here for a location near you)


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