I’ve got a confession to make. I love getting facials. I adore the way my skin looks and feels after its been cleaned, steamed, masked, and moisturized. Ahhh… facials are so relaxing, am I right? Talk about self-care. Having said that, sometimes I don’t have the time or inclination for the whole spa-like ritual that generally surrounds getting a facial: arrival, cucumber water, undress, la la music, dimmed lights, aromatherapy, lala, mask for hours, relax, more water…. My skin might need the TLC but if it’s going to put the squeeze on my schedule, then my skin pampering and care is the first to suffer.

But not anymore. I’ve discovered Blitz Facial Bar, and they’ve got all the lotions and potions my hangry face needs without all the spa-like frills I’m not always looking for. Don’t get me wrong. They don’t move you in and out like a car dealership oil change. The facials and other treatments are on par—or better—than what you’d get at a typical spa. But you don’t have to disrobe or at least enter a state of zen to experience them.

Brazen Loves: Blitz Facial Bar


Opened by the founders of Toronto’s Body Blitz Spa (possessing a cult-like following for it’s therapeutic waters and spa therapies), Blitz facial is a natural extension of the Bllitz philosophy of health and wellness. The open-concept spas offer highly effective, affordable skin care treatments for all skin types all with the goal of healthy, natural, and youthful-looking skin.

The Bars offer a variety of treatments including the signature Blitz + Glow, microdermabrasion, chemical peels and laser. Body Blitz also has created their own skin care line incorporating clean, natural and effective ingredients, and they use them in the services.

The environment may remind you of your favourite nail salon, with its separate spa bed station awaiting you. Because of this setup, you can be in and out a lot quicker, making the treatments more accessible for busy folks. Imagine popping out for a quickie at lunch or on the way home from work. Also, the open air set-up lets you feel freer to talk to your therapist, who is there to provide skincare education and answer questions during treatment.

Brazen Loves: Blitz Facial BarABOUT THE BLITZ FACIAL

I settled into my reclining chair and the therapist draped a cape around my neck to protect my clothes and tied my hair back. She asked about my skin concerns and confirmed that my skin was dry with uneven tone and that my puffy under-eye area needed a little TLC (what else is new?). She prescribed The Works Facial plus Skin Renewal and Bye Bye Puffy Eye boosters, that consist of an Eye Zone Cream, Skin Renewal Serum and a Vitamin C Sheet Mask. These extras were intended to rebuild the capillary walls, reduce under eye circles, address fine lines and wrinkles, and most importantly, deeply nourish and hydrate my skin.

The Works felt so good when it was happening, and even better afterwards. This 60minute comprehensive facial treatment is designed to brighten and hydrate the skin, and boy, did it ever. Afterwards, I was glowing.

First, the therapist gave my face a good deep cleansing to prepare it. Then, using a microdermabrasion machine, she gently exfoliated and loosened impurities from skin. After a face steam to gently open my pores, she performed extractions to rid my skin of impurities (that’s fancy for unsightly blackheads. Luckily, I didn’t have many). She finished off my facial with a lymphatic drainage massage using Argan Renewal Serum, which is packed with antioxidants and hyaluronic acid to help rid the skin of toxins, increase oxygen, and calm inflammation.


Isn’t it obvious? My skin looked incredible, the staff was friendly, and the surroundings were relaxing even though the treatment wasn’t done in a private room. I was pleasantly surprised, and I’ll definitely be back.

Blitz Facial Bar has 4 locations in Toronto and one in New Jersey. You can get more information and find a location here. Treatment prices start at $48 for a 30 min Blitz + Glow. The Works Facial is $118 and the boosters range from $15-$45.


Note: We were provided complimentary services at Blitz Facial bar. However, not all products and services shared with us receive the #BrazenLoves hashtag. We do not guarantee editorial coverage and feature only that which we love. All opinions are our own.

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