Summertime, and the living is easy. We’re outdoors a lot more, enjoying the gorgeous sunshine, hitting the beach or pool, and altogether having a blast. We’re also staying up too late, indulging a little too much and well, making damn sure we get the most out of these short-lived months.

It may be hard to stay motivated, but we’re set on staying fit. After all, we’ve got bikinis to rock. That means we’ve got to make sure we’re getting enough rest, our 10,000 steps a day, and keeping track of where our menstrual cycle is at, too (bikinis, remember?).

Brazen Loves: BellaBeat LEAFLuckily we’ve found BellaBeat LEAF, the health tracker that’s made just for women. Designed to look like jewellery, this pretty little device packs a real info-gathering punch in a luxe-looking package. Easily syncing to our smartphone or computer, LEAF provides all the information we need to stay on track and take better care of our health, while looking really, really good at the same time.

While you’re wearing LEAF, it’s hard at work collecting all kinds of data about your daily habits, such as activity, sleep, and even breathing. You can set goals for yourself and then track your progress daily and make any needed adjustments in your routine. It’s easy peasy to use, and syncs wirelessly with the app so you can have a look-see anytime you want.

Why We Love BellaBeat LEAF: It Does So Much

Get Going

Not moving enough or maybe more than you should? LEAF will tell you what’s what so you can get it right. It logs every moment of your day, noting when you’re doing too much or need to up your activity level. It tracks steps, time spent being active, calories burned, and distance travelled.

Brazen Loves: BellaBeat LEAFSleep Tight

LEAF tracks your sleep patterns and the quantity and quality of your sleep (we all know about how peri-menopause is disrupting our ZZZZs, right?). Use the date to improve your sleep habits and wake up refreshed and ready to face the day.

Keep Track of Your Reproductive Health

Just when you’re ready to let it go, you’ve found a way to track your cycle. You’ll never know your body’s rhythms better, and with the unpredictability that comes with menopause, you’ll be happy you do.

De-Stress Big Time

Stress got you all wound up? LEAF will help you relax with goal-oriented breathing exercises that will help calm you and refocus your mind.

Don’t Forget!

Based on what’s important to you, LEAF will send a buzz reminder to notify you when it’s time. For what you ask? There’s a wake-up reminder, in-activity alarm, important events notification, and even a pill reminder. That means we don’t even have to think—or charge it since the unit comes with a battery that will run for up to six months.

Plus, you’ll look cool with it on. Each LEAF is unique and fashioned from stainless steel and wood. You can wear it clipped on, as a necklace, or with the leather wrist wrap. The classic unit is fashioned from white ash and stainless steel, and the Limited Edition Rose Gold is made with African Blackwood and rose gold plating. To make this item even more special, it comes hypoallergenic, so you won’t react even if you’ve got sensitive skin. All the smart stuff is housed in the wood, giving it a fresh, natural appearance free of the obvious trappings of technology.

Buy online at and or use the Giftagram app. Silver, $149.99; Rose gold, $199.99

We think BellaBeat is pretty Brazen. We know you want one. Who wouldn’t?

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