You know how it goes. You wake up on a spring morning hoping for blue skies and bright sunshine. You’ve been waiting to peel off the layers, after all. You want to wear something light and airy and floral. But when you open the shades all you see is gloom. You don’t want to believe it. The threat of rain, even though it’s appropriate for the season, is nothing to look at.

The challenge? To get up and stay stylish, dry and colourful all day even if the weather says ‘stay in bed’.

Is it possible? You bet. Aside from umbrellas, which are essential for protecting our carefully styled locks, there’s a plethora of rain wear out there for us to choose from. From trench coats to raincoats to rubber macks, you can find something to suit your style—if you know where to look and what to look for.

At Brazen Woman, we are always practical. Yes, we want to look great. But since when you’re prone to losing umbrellas, a hood is a must-have. And no one wants to get all sweaty out there, either. So there are many requirements: the best rain jacket is comfortably lightweight (sadly, it rains in the heat of summer too, remember), dries quickly, is absolutely waterproof, and takes us from day to night in a flash.

Guess what! We found one. And we’re raving about the Arc’teryx Urban rain jacket. So much so that we don’t want to take it off even wBrazen Loves: Arc'teryx Imber Urban Rain Jackethen the skies are not angry.


Check this out: a waterproof, windproof 3/4-length coat that moves easily from work to leisure, city to country and weekday to weekend. Made with GORE-TEX FABRIC, the waterproof protection is breathable while the silky GORE-TEX C-KNIT backer technology is light and supple, providing comfort without sacrificing weather protection. The shaped cuffed and brimmed hood provides extended coverage.


  • It keeps us dry. Like really dry. And it dries quickly itself, which means no soggy, drippy jacket messing things up.
  • It’s breathable, so we don’t feel constricted or heated up more than our hot flashes already roast us, thanks very much.
  • It comes in 3 colours. We’re rocking our cherry red, but you can also stick with classic black or go outside happy with spring green.
  • It’s compact and lightweight which makes it perfect for travel as well as smushing into your work bag.
  • It has a clean minimalist yet tailored design that doesn’t sacrifice purpose for style. It fits beautifully but also has room for layers.
  • The streamlined coat zipper can be unzipped from the bottom for freedom of movement—think hiking or riding a bike.

If you’re looking to add to your coat wardrobe, the Imber should definitely be on your list.

Arc’teryx Imber ($500) is available in sizes from XS to XL. Buy it online at or find a store near you. 

Located in the Canadian Coast Mountain wilderness, Arc’teryx is built on the principle of obsessive, precise design and production. Timeless quality, intuitive design and simplicity result in unrivalled performance at the point of extreme need.

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