2. MAKE UP FOR EVER: Smoky Extravagant Mascara 7 best mascaras Price: $28

What we love: Billed as a mascara that adds volume, length and curl, it worked on all three fronts, so we’re in. Most importantly, it doesn’t clump as the day wears on. And even though it’s not waterproof, it does last without flaking. The best part? The cone-shaped brush has a precision tip that works easily to separate lashes so they don’t get stuck together when you’re applying.

3. YOUNIQUE: Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes 7 best mascaras Price: $35 What we love: This product has pretty much exploded on social media because of its reputation for building up lash length so we had to try it. It’s a bit on the pricey side (and you have to sign in to buy it which means you are going to have to opt out of further communications you may not want) but the product promises to increase the average lash volume by a full 400 per cent, quite an amazing claim in the world of mascara. And while we have no way of verifying the results, there’s no doubt it plumps lashes. A lot.

4. ANNA SUI: Primer & Top Coat The Best 7 MascarasPrice: $25

What we love: Leave it to Anna Sui to turn mascara building into an art. With the new Primer & Top Coat, you’ll have a base and top coat for your mascara, just as you do for your nails, improving curl, application and hold. The unique 2-in-1 formula primes lashes and creates a smooth, even film that allows mascara to glide on without clumping, then works to seal it against water, sweat and tears after application. Featuring a Compact Screw Brush, perfect for lifting lashes from the roots, it won’t leave any lash uncurled.

5. DV: LIGHT UP MASCARA 7 best mascaras Price: US$12.99 online only

What we love: This is one seriously handy mascara to keep in your bag because it’s designed with an innovative twist. While the product itself is good (goes on smooth, boosts lashes a decent amount), what we can really use, especially at night, is the light-up case. Nice going, Dakota Vox. There’s a cool little button at the top that turns on a convenient LED light to help make application precise even in the dark. And of course, there’s a mirror on the side of the case as well, so you can refresh your mascara anytime, anywhere. 6. MAYBELLINE: Great Lash Waterproof Mascara 7 best mascarasPrice: $8

What we love: We’ve been using this brand since way back in high school for a reason. In a nutshell, it’s amazingly affordable and easy to apply. The formula conditions dry lashes, and glides on smoothly without clumps or gobs (Pro Tip: apply a second coat when still wet). The waterproof version is especially durable, and we can’t live without it if we’re anywhere near water. It does its job by staying in place, never creating those dreaded shadows, or flaking into your eyes—a real plus especially if you wear contacts. To remove, try Expert Eyes® Moisturizing Eye Makeup Remover.

7. GOSH: Double Precision 7 best mascarasPrice: $17

What we love: Of course we love the price, but this mascara also makes it easy to apply with precision in just two steps. The secret? Double duty. There are two brushes in one product, each specially designed to give definition to your upper and lower lashes. The large brush (2) adds volume to the upper lashes, boosting both fullness and length, while the brush with shorter bristles (1) is just right for defining the smaller each individual lower lash. Brilliant.

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