It’s a small product that can create one helluva beauty disaster. You know how it is. You take a chance on a mascara and end up with raccoon eyes halfway through the day. Or the product flakes, leaving your under-eye area speckled with black. Or it clumps and before you know it, you’re driven mad with the need to pry your lashes apart. The Best Mascaras

Finding a mascara you can count on to do the job you need done is a beauty minefield, and it’s even harder as you age. Suddenly, as many of us find, our eyelashes aren’t quite as, well, full, as they once were. So now a great mascara is more of a need than a want. But which ones practice what they preach and which ones fall flat on the job?

The best mascara has certain undeniable qualities. For starters, it goes on slick, separating your lashes as evenly as possible. Next, it dries in place, creating thickness in all the right spots. Finally, it sticks—until you take it off. If, before that time, there’s any chance it will run, flake or otherwise disappear, it’s pretty much useless.

Our Brazen Editor, a tough customer when it comes to all things eyes swiped quite a selection to see if they’d separate, boost and stick while not irritating her contact-lens-wearing peepers. So which mascaras survived her #BrazenLoves beauty test? Did any live to see another day or even her lash-worthy devotion? You bet!

And here they are: 7 mascaras that do the job (and even more)


1. BENEFIT: Roller Lash 7 best mascaras Price: $31

What we love: This mascara is the newest incarnation from Benefit, who gave us another uber-popular lengthening formulation They’re Real! Roller Lash is exactly what it promises to be: a roller for your lashes—getting rid of the need to use an annoying curler before applying. Oh glory day! The patented Hook ‘n’ Roll™ brush grabs, separates, lifts, then curls, and really does make your eyes look more wide open. The water-resistant curve-setting formula holds for 12 hours, and will give you even more length if you layer it with a swipe of They’re Real! on top.

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