You get to the point where Hallowe’en isn’t really a thing anymore—and you’re like Hey, what happened? All of a sudden, the holiday just, well, isn’t one. There are no little kids to dress up, no big party to dress up for, and now your night is making endless trips back and forth to the doorbell. If you don’t have the heart to leave your house dark and steal off to the movies for the real treat, that is.

So how can we make October 31 feel like a party at home? We’re getting into the spirit with 3 fall products we love, that just happen to have stories behind them.

3 Hallowe’en Treats Just for Grownups


Brazen Loves: These Grownup Halloween TreatsThe Story: The name “Besieged” was born under a cover of dark rainclouds and cracks of lightning. Working alone, Ravenswood Winemaker Joel Peterson collected grapes as ravens circled above. Ravens, often thought as harbingers of doom, are actually incredibly auspicious creatures, masters of bending and folding of time and space so that one is in exactly the right moment at the right time. 

As though blessed by the ravens with good fortune, Joel’s inaugural wine was an immediate success, and the birds thenceforth lent their name and image to the Ravenswood brand. 

Why We Love it:  The Ravenswood wines are pretty brazen. They’re known for their unadulterated, unapologetic, unfussy and unwimpy flavours. And this one is plummy and crimson-coloured— just right for a night of otherworldly festivities. A blend of old vine California heritage varietals with aromas of cardamom-spiced plum and blackberry, you’ll be craving sips all fall long.

Buy: LCBO for $24.95

FEELING SEXY? SLICK ON SOME ->Arbonne Glossed Over Lip Gloss in Cardinal 

Brazen Loves: 3 Halloween Treats for GrownupsThe Story: When naming the shade of this bright red gloss, the team called up the Royal Botanical Gardens and spoke to the curator and manager of Plant Records to find out which is the most beautiful flower in their garden that is almost exclusively red. The answer was a clear winner.

The Cardinal flower, a late summer/early fall blooming perennial that is native to North America and is prominent in southeastern Canada, is a brazen beauty. Statuesque and just a little bit scary, too, it stands 3-4 feet high and is covered with vibrant scarlet-red “spikes”.

Why We Love it: The red lip is a classic that never goes out of style, and fall is the ideal time to start wearing it. Arbonne® Makeup Glossed Over Lip Gloss in Cardinal (#6744) is a true red. Whether you slick it on alone, with liner, or over lipstick, it’s got a timeless, sophisticated look that is botanically based for soft, hydrated lips that shine with vivid colour and without stickiness.

Buy: Arbonne for $31


brazen-loves-3-halloween-treats-for-grownupsThe Story: If you thought tea was just for staying in on a stormy night, well, you’re right. This year, DAVID’s Tea brings back form the dead this season its Halloween Collection, which includes ghoulishly good teas and accessories, including some of all time favourites. Like these:

  • Stormy Night: Black tea with a smooth flavour, featuring chocolate, vanilla, cinnamon and coconut 
  • Swampwater: Roobios blend with papaya, passionfruit and black cat sprinkles 
  • Maple Sugar: Sweet, all-natural black tea with ingredients like apple, cinnamon and real maple sugar
  • Witch’s Brew: Roobios tea with a sweet flavour, with ingredients like cocoa beans and spooky candy
Why We Love it: Well,these ain’t your Grandma’s teas. They’ve got some serious bite you’ll remember for a good long time. Plus, they come in costume: all dressed up in a coffin-shaped package or as part of the all-time favourite Book of Spells. Oh, and PS. The collection also features fun tea accessories, such as a Colour Changing Nordic Mug and the Lock Top Travel Mug with the Haunted Castle print, and a Bat-shaped Novelty Infuser. Steep if you dare!


Buy: DAVIDs Tea

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