When was the last time you felt confident? Like really and truly great about yourself and your abilities? Unfortunately for most of us, it’s not as often as we’d like. Instead of strutting our brazen stuff, we look in the mirror and critique our appearance—bad hair days, tummy pooch, under eye bags. We doubt our talents at work and worry about making mistakes or whether we’re too old for that incredible career move that’s sitting just beyond reach. And we stop or stay away from doing what we love because someone else is better at it or it’s out of our comfort zone, or maybe even just new and scary.

Well, enough of that.

Taking risks and living life large—even when it might be uncomfortable—is what motivational speaker Linda Edgecombe preached to the Brazen Editors when we attended a heavenly spa retreat at Langdon Hall with Depend. Sitting there with women just like us, it hit us. So many of us let our bladder leakage affect the way that we feel about ourselves and how we lead our lives, and it’s sad when we let something little (a little tinkling, that is) interfere with doing what we love for fear that others will notice.

Well, it’s time to find ways to step up and be the most confident you. Here’s how.

How to Be More Confident Every Day

Try something new: Break out of your zone and try something you haven’t done before. Not only will you challenge yourself, but you’ll increase your confidence in your own abilities. Do this often and you’ll reduce your fears and live a life with fewer barriers.

Make a decision and follow through: We know it’s hard to make decisions, but when you do it and stick with it, the boost to your confidence will be enormous. When you decide to do something and actually go through with it, you get proof of your own often underestimated capabilities.

Be brazen: The Confidence Tips so You Can be Your Best YouMove your body: We talk about regular exercise all the time. Beyond the obvious health benefits to moving, the endorphin rush you get from a good sweat session is unmatched. Even if you don’t want to go, nobody has ever said they were sorry they worked out. And if it’s bladder leakage that’s stopping you, keep in mind there are products (like Depend Fit-Flex underwear) that are designed specifically with exercise in mind.

Face a fear: Take small steps and face your fears, one by one. Every time you conquer something you were afraid to do, your confidence takes a step forward and you find yourself living more boldly every single day.

Change your environment: If you want to change something about yourself then put yourself in an environment that matches who you want to become. Your surroundings and who you spend time with will make a big impact on your life.

Be good to yourself: Stop being so tough on yourself. Notice your negative self talk and replace it with a kind and supportive inner voice.

Wear what makes you feel amazing: One of the best ways to boost your confidence is to look great! Do your hair, try a new lip gloss, or put on your favourite outfit. Don’t like your wardrobe? Treat yourself to a new sexy dress or a great pair of heels. If you’re worried about your bladder leakage, try Depend Silhouette Active Fit briefs. They fit just like regular underwear and you can wear them every day. Talk about strutting your stuff with confidence.

Be brazen: The Confidence Tips so You Can be Your Best YouImprove your social skills: Share a smile, give a friend a compliment, talk to a stranger, make someone’s day. One of the best ways to build confidence is to grow your personal relationships and circle of friends.

Do something for someone else: There is greatness to be found in being altruistic. Hold the door for someone, buy a stranger coffee, give up your seat to a senior, and feel the feels.

Do something you love: If your confidence is low, do something that makes you feel good. Watch your fave movie, read a great book, bake a cake, or grab some friends and go bowling. Whatever it is that floats your fun boat, after you go for it, you’ll feel able to handle anything that comes your way.

Just start: Ask yourself what’s stopping you! Ditch the procrastinating and start doing whatever it is you’ve been putting off. You will feel fantastic once you’ve crossed it off your list.

Create a space to just be: Anxiety and stress are toxic to your physical and emotional health. Slow your brain down, try meditation, and work on not letting your emotions rule your life. You’ll see your self confidence soar when you feel more in control.

Celebrate all of your accomplishments: Forget waiting until your next achievement. Instead, rejoice in the small benchmarks and daily wins. Make a list of what you’ve done that makes you proud and stick it on your fridge. Make sure to read it too, and pat yourself on the back regularly.

Ask yourself: When was the last time fear of embarrassment, discomfort or uncertainty stopped you? We can say honestly that it used to stop us all the time. Not anymore. Now, we’ve armed ourselves with mental tools and practical solutions and now we’re ready to live our most brazen life.

What’s stopping you from being your best self? Which of confidence-boosting tip speaks to you the most?


Be brazen: The Confidence Tips so You Can be Your Best YouNote: This post was generously sponsored by Depend. All opinions are our own. 

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