Got a favourite trusty bra – that go-to one you reach for every day? Time to stop. Think about it. You wouldn’t wear your Nikes out dancing, would you? Along those lines (just higher up and way curvier), you should never wear the same bra under your every top. Quite the contrary. So answer this: Which bra do I wear under this top? We need some really great shopping tips, people. And we’ve got ’em.

Which Bra Do I Wear Under This TopOur savvy lingerie experts say that to make your chest look its best, you need to start from the outside in. That means looking at the top you want to wear, then choosing the right bra for its cut, fabric and style. Now how smart is that?

So here are our best bra shopping tips that will make sure you’re covered just right before you buy.




T-shirts show more than you think (hello, nipples!) and finding a smooth enough cup that also fits your shape is a bra shopping challenge. Most blush-coloured, untextured bras look discreet but it’s the shape that matters most. The problem is that without seams or lace, the breast falls, making it look–oops–lower. So start by considering your shape.

If you’ve got a small bust, look for a smooth bra with a shallower, broader underwire to make you look fuller on top. Already full enough, thank you very much? You need a non-stretch bra or one with a firmer, deeper cut to flatter your waistline.

BRA SHOP TIP: If you’re set on a moulded T-shirt bra because of the dreaded “nipple-itis” you might want to invest in nipple covers. They are comfortable and discreet and will let you feel comfortable in a lighter bra that feels like less of a ‘harness’.


Heavier tops give you a great opportunity to try a colourful seamed bra, which creates the most effective push-up or minimization. You can wear it under sweaters because they won’t show bumps or colour.

Try one in a shade – blue, violet, leopard anyone? – that makes you feel pretty even if no one knows you’re wearing it but you.



Can’t seem to get that blouse to stop popping open? Oh, the horror. It’s happening because your smooth cup bra is creating a wider (think east and west) shape, thereby applying pressure on the buttons.

Try a seamed bra – and make it lacy, especially under sheer fabric for a sophisticated, feminine touch. Too daring? These days, there are bras in flat-lying, discreet laces and seams, which virtually vanish under cotton, patterns and deeper hues.



With evening wear, whether it’s a fitted dress, a suit, or a flowy top, you should always go as lacy and racy as you dare.

With the latest innovations in bra fabrics, you no longer have to worry about bumps and points sticking out, and can focus on lift. Plus, a little touch of sexy goes a long way. Not only will you feel more feminine than ever, your bra will look even more gorgeous without the dress on.

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