So it’s morning and in an effort to force yourself awake, you overshot the mark. Yep, you did it again—made WAYYYY too much coffee. As in an entire pot just for you. Well, that’s okay. It’s International Coffee Day, anyway, so we’re celebrating by making a pitcher of something we love to keep in the fridge: hazelnut iced coffee. 

Make it at Home: Healthy Hazelnut Iced CoffeeIt’s not that you can’t drink all that caffeine. In fact, you could just inject it straight into your vein, and no one would ever know. The big problem is that this coffee won’t last longer than a couple of hours. Reheated coffee is bleh. It tastes eerily like mud. But iced coffee, mmmmmmm…

Got way too much java left over from your early  morning pot? Here’s a brilliant idea we had to share. Make your very own ICED COFFEE in minutes.

Make it at Home: Healthy Hazelnut Iced CoffeeNo matter the season, you can always do cold caffeine. Especially after a workout. And you don’t even have to pay for it. Those bad boys are expensive. Plus, they’re loaded with fat and calories that in your rush to get quenched, you probably don’t realize you’re drinking straight to your butt.

So instead, we invite you to steal this easy and deliciously creamy Iced Coffee recipe and whip it up yourself. This cool drink is that good. It’s not only cheaper than anything you’ll find out there, it’s also yummier. Oh, and it’s sugar-free, too. 



Make it at Home: Healthy Hazelnut Iced CoffeePour 2 cups cold coffee into your Vitamix (or BlendTec)

Now add:

  • 1 cup ice
  • 10 drops hazelnut Stevia
  • Splash of almond milk

Don’t like hazelnut? Try plain Stevia or another sugar-free flavoured syrup, like vanilla.

Pour this drink into your fav To Go cup, and you’ll feel like it’s the real thing!

Recipe by Laura Jackson of Fit Chicks.

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