What do you send someone to tell them you care when they’re low or they just need a seasonal pick-me-up? They may say all they need is a hug and a bath but you know better. The ideal cheer-up gift is hard to come by. Flowers and balloonagrams don’t hang around long and besides, they are done and done. What will she really appreciate while she’s laid up or just feeling down? Save her from the tedium of lying around and watching soaps by getting creative and she’ll mean it when she hugs you back.


1. FAVE ONLINE MAGS – Next Issue 3 get well gifts to cheer her up

Don’t buy magazines that she may have or that will end up beside her toilet. Let’s face it, we’re all reading on our computers, tablets and smartphones anyway.

So why not give her Next Issue? She’ll have unlimited access to 100 of the world’s best magazines and she can read them all electronically. For just $9.99/month, it’s one subscription for an entire library at her fingertips, including back issues she may have missed and interactive features such as video clips and animations. With access on five devices, all she has to do is download her mags online and read them anytime, anywhere. Whatever she’s into – whether its food, fashion, celebs, fitness, travel, or plain old news – she’ll be spending her days and night catching up. Oh, and thanking you.

2. GET WELL-NESS OILS – Saje  get well gifts to make her smile

She’ll perk up in no time with Saje’s Home Farmacy Remedy Bar – a kit that includes 5 bestselling remedies to cure the most common ailments. All for $59.95.

Also known as the 4-minute miracle, Peppermint Halo, rubbed across the forehead and temples, works wonders to ease headaches with warming-cooling-minty action that reduces pain and pounding. For mild anxiety, Stress Relief encourages relaxation (deep breath not included). She’s laid up with muscle pain or stiffness? A little Pain Release rubbed into the back will reduce inflammation. And for a cold or flu, she’ll love breathing in Immune to fortify the body. Finally, Eater’s Digest is the antidote to soothe an stomach upset. As it happens, the remedies come conveniently housed in a neat pouch, the perfect size for her purse.


3 get well gifts to cheer her up

Created by Petal Dust Bakeshop

I know when I’m down, all I want is to feed my sweet tooth, every last one of them. Check out Shopbake, Canada’s first online bakery directory and send her favourite homemade baked goods straight to her door.

Nothing cheers me up like the smell of freshly baked anything but when I’m down, I don’t want to do the work and neither does she. That’s where Shopbake comes in – or rather, make sure that whatever baked goods she’s craving are heading her way. Just looking at the website will make you drool. With the click of a mouse, you’re connected to just about every baker’s kitchen out there. Choose from every delicacy you can imagine, including cakes, cupcakes, macarons, sweet sushi, chocolates, cookies and oh so much more. There are even all the specialty options she may need — nut free, gluten free, Kosher, vegan  — all with that freshly baked smell. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.


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