It’s just another fact of life. We’re getting older and our glutes are feeling the pressure to stay perky. Yes, these are the  days of the glutus maximus, butt, backside or trunk – or as we like to call it, the bootiful, bootilicious booty, Made famous by females sporting infamous backsides – with just enough junk in the trunk to shake it. And we all wanna look as great from the back as from the front, don’t we? Ola, J-Lo. Hey, Kim Kardashian.

Believe it or not, getting gorgeous glutes can actually be fun. Bye-bye boring leg lifts in front of the TV. Hello 15 million people shaking their booties at the Zumba Fitness global dance party happening all over the world.

So hop on the Zumba train with Brazilian superstar entertainer Claudia Leitte. She’ll take you through all the dance moves you’ll need to whip your butt into shape. Watch and read.

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Get a JLo Booty with Zumba Fitness

Want to build a bodacious booty and engage your GLUTES in a Zumba Class? Try these tips:

G-Good form. Be sure to use good form to ensure safety and effectiveness of the exercise

L-Lunges. Initiate the movement hinging from the hips to avoid premature forward motion of the knee

U-Utilize variables to keep your workout interesting and avoid overuse or stabilizer fatigue

T-Technique. Make sure to follow your Zumba® instructor for proper form and technique

E-Evaluate your own abilities to ensure safety and success

S-Squats. Be sure to keep chest lifted and maintain a normal posture

Zumba® Choreography Modifications to Target the Glutes

These three core steps (the best butt exercises around) below can be incorporated into Zumba Choreography to help target 3 primary muscles that make up the glutes; the gluteus maximus, the gluteus medius, and the gluteus minimus.


  •  Start with legs hip-width apart
  •  Bend knees and sit back as if about to sit in a chair
  •  Focus on keeping weight back into your heels, and chest lifted
  •  Straighten knees to return to starting position and repeat sequence
  •  5 Extend arms to help with balance, if needed


  •  Start with feet in a split stance and toes pointed forward
  •  Make sure weight is evenly distributed between both legs and knees are slightly bent
  •  Lower back knee toward floor
  •  Push back up into starting position by squeezing glutes and keeping abdominals tight
  •  Repeat on the opposite leg


  •  Stand with feet together and hands on hips
  •  Shift weight onto one leg
  •  Sweep the non-weight-bearing leg behind you while tightening glutes, then bring back down to starting position
  •  Repeat with opposite leg
  •  Focus on keeping hips squared throughout the entire movement

Get a JLo Booty with Zumba Fitness MovesClaudia Leitte is teaming up with Zumba Fitness to bring the Brazilian heat to your classes! If you haven’t heard her music, get ready to move! Claudia is one of Brazil’s biggest stars, and her pulsing, infectious mix of axé, samba and pop has millions shaking it at sold-out concerts and Carnival parties.

photo credit: gadget91 via photopin cc

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