In case you haven’t heard of the benefits of TRX training and what can happen when you add this workout to your fitness routine, it starts like this: two straps hanging from an anchor in the ceiling. Yes, you heard me right, and no, it’s not the juiciest chapter of 50 Shades Of Grey. It’s another workout altogether—one that’s becoming increasingly popular. And while you are sure to end up sweating, and using your whole body, that is where the similarities stop.

benefits of trx training

Benefits of adding TRX suspension training to your workout

So why do you want to subject yourself to hanging from the rafters? And what is TRX suspension training anyway?
TRX is a suspension training system developed by the navy seals. (Did I get you there? Hot sweaty navy men, hello!!!) OK, back on track. There are amazing benefits to integrating this system into your fitness routine. Suspension Training bodyweight exercise develops strength, balance, flexibility and core stability simultaneously. Using your core to help you master each exercise, you have control over your body movements, resistance and how much you want to challenge yourself.
Leveraging gravity and your body weight to complete hundreds of exercises, each movement is specific to an area of your body, building up those small muscles from head to toe. Before you know it, you’ve got a strong body, a rock-solid core and most important, you will reduce the possibility of injury while doing other physical activities.
What I love most about TRX is this: Anyone, of any shape and any size, can work with this system. What’s more, it’s amazing for sports specific training, killer abs or just to get back into the workout game without joining a smelly gym. With the list of new gyms and classes growing, TRX is like that old hoodie from camp – no matter how many times you go to buy a new, trendier one, it’s always the most comfortable. benefits trx workout
How to Master the TRX Plank 
Plank is one of the staples on the TRX exercise roster. With all exercises, there are modifications depending on your level (listen to your body to find yours). Starting on your knees, slip your feet into the straps, laces down, facing away from the anchor. On your elbows (modification) or hands, use your core to lift your knees off the group and straighten your legs. Tip: Holding your ankles, knees and inner thighs pressed together tightly will take the pressure off the upper part of your body, allowing the muscles in your belly to really be the worker bees. Breathe, keep your shoulders away from your ears and squeeze your belly like there is a belt around your waist.
Are you asking yourself: How long do I have to stay up in this thing?! Timing is key to your personal workout. There will be days where 30 seconds seem like forever and days when a minute disappears fast. The key is to listen to your body and watch for signs of your back hurting. If this happens, put your knees back on the ground and start again. It’s perfectly normal to gradually build up your time. Take as many breaks as you need!
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About the author

Laira Thomas

Laira is CPR, TRX and Can-Fit-Pro FIS certified. When not teaching TRX @ Continuum Wellness Health Clinic or teaching Kickboxing @ Judy’s Group Fitness, she is co-owner of a medical aesthetics business at Avenue and Eglinton called Che Bella Spa.

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