Gotta love Daylight Savings, especially when light spreads its joy over the world. Except, that is, when the light is all over your bedroom and you lose an hour of beauty sleep. Oh yes, spring forward came in hot, with Daylight Savings Time, bringing the sunshine, but robbing you of precious snooze time. While one hour may not seem like it can do too much damage circadian rhythm-wise, the threat of “Sleepy Monday” is real indeed.

Beauty Sleep: How to Deal With Daylight Savings TimeSpringing forward appears to cause people to lose about 40 minutes of sleep on the Sunday night after we reset our clocks. A large contributor to collective sleep deprivation, this type of widespread sleep loss has been linked to increased numbers of traffic accidents, hearts attacks and on-the-job injuries the following week.  

So let’s fight off what has come to be known as the crankiest Monday of the year with some snooze-worthy tips that’ll help you take back the hour.

How to take back the hour Daylight Savings Time stole 

Drink a lot of H2O

Hopefully, you were smart enough to curb the hangover sluggishness with some alcohol-free evenings leading up to DTS. No? Here are our best hangover cures! 

OK, even if you didn’t have the foresight to get hydrated, you can still load up on your water today to feed your skin and make sure you feel your glowing best. Need some great ideas for how to get even more hydrated?

Check these smart ways to get your water on.

Be a champion of breakfast

Smoothie , oatmeal, poached eggs or pancakes, whatever it is you’re hangry for, make sure you eat your breakfast within one hour of waking up. Breakfast resets your body clock and is a necessary way to start your day so don’t skip it this time.

Need a great smoothie recipe? We’ve got three!

Get acquainted with workplace naps

Cozy up on the conference room couch for a quick cat nap (ideally 20-30 minutes). Naps aren’t just for babies anymore. They can improve cognitive performance, alertness, reaction time, logical reasoning, mood and creativity. You can reap these benefits from napping whether you’re sleep-deprived or well-rested.

Don’t think this will fly with upper management? Studies show that nappers have more tolerance for difficult or annoying tasks, and will spend more time trying to get them done, than non-nappers. Nappers also exhibited better impulse control: the ability to rein in emotional responses and exert self-control comes into play when you need to make tough decisions.

Caffeinate, but not too late

Treat yourself to an extra shot in your morning cappuccino if need be, but make sure you’re not going for seconds, thirds (… or fourths) after 2 pm—or you’ll be sorry. In case you didn’t know the math, it takes your body up to 10 hours to get rid of 75 per cent of the caffeine in your system. That means if you put another pot on, you could be paying for it that night, and that defeats the purpose here.

Bedroom = Zen Den

Make every hour count in the bedroom of your dreams. Optimizing your sleep environment is an easy way to ensure your zzz’s are the highest caliber. We’re talking pillows that are both soft and supportive, as well as a comfortable mattress and sheets that don’t cut corners when it comes to cotton. Top that off with a humidifier, blackout curtains and ear plugs or a noise machine and you’ll never lose precious beauty sleep again.

Casper is a global sleep company with an obsessively engineered, outrageously comfortable mattress sold directly to consumers. Casper was named one of Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies in the World, and its eponymous mattress was crowned one of TIME Magazine’s Best Inventions.

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