Freckles are cute, and they keep you looking young, there’s no doubt about it. We’re thinking Laura Ingalls, Jan Brady, Emma Stone. But every now and then, one appears in some conspicuous place or the sun comes out and suddenly, you’re covered. So what to do? How to Fade Freckles You Don't WantFirst of all, ditch the guilt. It’s perfectly okay to want to change something about the way you look. The fact is, many people feel uncomfortable or less confident when freckles or sun spots appear or if they are too dark. And as it turns out, there are easy, harmless DIY solutions to help them fade while leaving your skin feeling smooth and moisturized.


What are freckles anyway?

We know that freckles are round, brown spots of different sizes.While many freckles are caused by overexposure to the sun, affecting sensitive skin the most, they are often hereditary. Some studies say they are a sign of a skin damage, but freckles are not harmful for the skin. Most of them pop up in places you notice them most—like your face and chest and shoulders—because those are the areas that are most exposed to the sun’s rays.

What can you do about them?

These days, you don’t have to live with freckles you don’t want. There are many cosmetic treatments that will help—if you can afford to shell out. If not, though, there are many excellent DIY ways to successfully lighten or remove them without too much effort. 3 Natural Ways to Fade Freckles Check out these freckle-fading home remedies. You’ve probably got all the ingredients in your kitchen anyhow.

Lemon Juice Beauty Hacks: How to Fade Freckles You Don't Want

Jan Brady just may have had something there, after all. While the results are subtle, lemon juice is said to work wonders with freckles and dark spots, effectively bleaching them in the most natural way.

All you need to do is apply some lemon juice to the skin by gently massaging the area twice a day. Leave it on for 15 minutes, then rinse with lukewarm water. Or try using a lemon scrub. Cut one lemon and put a teaspoon of sugar on it. Then scrub the affected area for a couple of minutes and rinse the skin with water.

Honey Beauty Hacks: How to Fade Freckles You Don't Want

Who knew honey would do anything besides make you sweeter? As it turns out, honey is another DIY remedy for helping to fade freckles. The word on the street is that it contains enzymes that contribute to the lightening of skin pigmentation. What we love even more is the fact that honey moisturizes the skin, leaving it glowing and rejuvenated. Make a great cream by mixing warm honey and wheat germ. Apply it to the skin twice a week for 15 minutes at a time, then rinse with warm water. Another option: Mix honey and yogurt and apply to skin on a regular basis.

Buttermilk Beauty Hacks: How to Fade Freckles You Don't WantButtermilk is more than just calcium boosting. It also contains bleaching properties that contribute to freckle fading. Apply it directly onto the spot for 10 minutes and rinse with lukewarm water. You can also make an excellent cream by mixing a paste of powdered oatmilk and buttermilk. Apply to the skin and to leave it for up to 30 minutes. Another trick: Mix buttermilk with lemon juice to fade freckles naturally. Read more, learn more:


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