As we start feeling that cool hint in the air, we’re trying to gett our last bit of wear out of our summer makeup. All those bright oranges and hot pinks still look great – but for how long? Should we be changing our cosmetics regime now that fall is almost upon us? Where do we start?

We’re not sure if transitioning makeup from season to season is really a thing. So we asked Sonia Kashuk, makeup artist extraordinaire. Since this year marks Sonia’s 15th anniversary with Target and she has launched a limited edition collection exclusively for the store, she’s the ideal person to tell us what comes next in fall makeup. Her answers may surprise you.


1. Can’t I just wear the same makeup from season to season?

How to Transition Makeup into Fall - Sonia Kashuk Makeup BagNo. You know how you transition your closet each season? It’s the same idea with your cosmetics. While some colours can definitely cross over, we do go darker in the colder months, and we do much more layering of makeup – just as we do more layering with our clothes.

Plus, it’s exciting to transition your makeup in September. No matter what your age, September brings that “new year” feeling and it’s an opportunity to hit the refresh button – to look at yourself and create a new look for a new season.

Transition Tip: Store your out-of-season products in a summer makeup bag – just as you store out-of-season clothes in a separate closet.

2. What are the main differences between summer and fall makeup?

The main difference is texture. When it’s hot and humid, you wear less makeup because you want a more transparent, sheer look. Just as you’d look funny in a heavy sweater in Summer, too much makeup just doesn’t look right.

In fall, you get a lot more leeway for makeup application, and it’s fun. Now, all of a sudden, you can work with darker colours – and add texture. You no longer have to be conscious of shine and humidity and you can focus on making yourself look finished and polished by adding more.

Transition Tip: Go for a strong lip in a deep red or bordeaux and soften the edges to soften the look 

3. What are your best tips for applying fall makeup?

How to Transition Makeup into Fall - Sonia Kashuk Fall Makeup PaletteIn every season, you want that fresh, dewy look – that doesn’t change. What does change is how you accomplish it in different seasons. Because Fall-Winter skin is drier, you need to make sure your skin is moisturized and your makeup is properly set.

In fall, I like to combine products – such as cream and powder. For instance, you can use the same cream blush you used in summer, but now you’ll want to set it with powder. Powder is one of the most important tools in your makeup bag. It’s not only a great blending tool – use it over your shadow to get just the right shade – but it also sets your makeup so it lasts longer. You’re going to want your makeup to last all day. At 5pm, it should look as good as it did at 8am and powder will help make that happen.

Transition Tip: Glam up the eye with a metallic shadow quad and blend with a powder brush to set and make it last

4. Which summer products should we carry over to fall?

How to transition makeup into Fall - Sonia Kashuk Fall Blush and BronzersCarry over your blushes and glosses. The pinks and corals that brighten up your cheeks in summer will do the same in fall. If you go too muddy with your colours, thinking it will warm up your face, it might be a mistake. Remember that the brighter colours will look beautiful with fall colours like camels and browns and russets.

Definitely hold onto your bronzer as well. Gone are the days that bronzer is only for summer. Now, you want a warm glow all year round.

Transition Tip: Check the colour of your foundation if you’ve been out of the sun. You may need to go a shade lighter

5. Which 3 makeup trends should we be on the lookout for this fall? 

How to Transition Makeup into Fall - Sonia Kashuk Lip PencilsThe lip is staying super strong and it’s a real transition from summer, when a stronger mouth does not work. There are amazing shades to choose from in our new lip shine crayons – that run the gamut from sweat pea nude to a rich bordeaux.

There’s a vibrancy you can only get with a metallic eye. Don’t shy away from bronzes and metallics because you’re worried about looking frosty. Technology has changed. Now metallics give you a twinkle in your eye that’s gorgeous.

Always keep your bronzer handy. It will lend a luminosity to your skin that you want all year round, especially in Fall, when the sun is no longer high in the sky.

Transition Tip: Pair a strong lip with your Summer pink cream blush and a nude eye and you’re fresh for the season 

Sonia Kashuk arrived in New York as a wide-eyed kid from the Midwest,  in search of her version of the American dream. She soon discovered the buzzing and unforgiving world of fashion, where her creative flair as a makeup artist, capable of transforming any face into a richly photogenic canvas, quickly established her reputation. But it wasn’t long before her brilliant eye for shapes and coloor took her beyond being a top award-winning makeup artist, all the way to becoming an accomplished makeup designer. 

Sonia Kashuk cosmetics are available at Target.

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