You’re right near the wBeautiful Beantown: The Best Things to Do in Bostonater, so it’s no wonder the fresh catches are this side of amazing in Boston. While there are tons of restaurants to choose from, here are two faves that top our list:

Neptune Oyster: Located in the North End Italian haven, a maze of winding streets full of ristorantes you want to step inside, this intimate haunt has earned quite the reputation. The chefs here take seafood classics to the next level. It’s not cheap, but every bite of buttery lobster roll will scream WORTH IT!

Pro Tip: Go early, put your name and come back when they call you. No reservations. 

Atlantic Fish Co: If you’re a serious fish lover, this place has you covered. Get ready to take your time looking at the extensive menu because you’re likely to change your mind more than once.

Pro Tip: Spend your time choosing from the various fish options offered, then more time thinking about how you want it cooled. PS. Blackened fish is brilliant. 


If you waBeautiful Beantown: The Best Things to Do in Bostonnt to take a breather from life for awhile, you don’t even have to leave the city. The country feels like it’s all around you.

Public Garden: Whoever thought of creating a huge park in the middle of a bustling city should be crowned king.

Pro Tip: Don’t ever take the street if you can enjoy a slow walk through Public Garden. You deserve it.

Charles River: Forget those high-priced restos for a change. The Charles has a feeling of romance you can’t find indoors.

Pro Tip: Pick up a bottle of vino at a corner store, find a spot near the water and get set to Cheers! The time of day is irrelevant, we say.


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