Blah. Brrrr. January has arrived with a blast of freezing cold air, and although the year has barely begun, you probably feel as if you’ve already had enough. You need some help getting through the next few months. Stat. Wouldn’t it be great to just ring a bell to get all your needs met? Craving a girlfriend getaway but don’t know where to start? How about a blissful massage – as long as you don’t have to venture far? Well, just because it’s January, doesn’t mean you have to hibernate. Use these easy ways to get motivated to get out and get happy.


Plan mini events.

Ever wonder why fall races by and suddenly we’re almost at Thanksgiving, and then the holidays? That’s because we look forward to one event, then turn our focus on the next. The “in-between” time zips by when there’s an “end in sight”. The weekdays are no different. Mondays are dreaded, but once we jump the Hump Day Wednesday hurdle, we can see the weekend. To keep this momentum going, all you have to do is plan an event for every couple weeks. Make it something special you can look forward to. How about a spa day, a day in the bookstore, a movie night in, shoe shopping?

Get some help.

If you don’t have the wherewithal to find the perfect spa or getaway or massage, call a friend or post on Facebook for recommendations. Still too much work? How about this: If you’ve got a smart phone (and who doesn’t?), you can make an app do the work for you. Yes, you heard that right. Just download the innovative Conciergist app (for free), and you’ve got your own personal concierge, with live agents on the line 24-7 to help get you out of your rut. This app takes care of all your needs: It will send you links to sign up for fitness classes in your area, look up flight and hotel options and prices, recommend top-rated restaurants and manicurists, and so much more.

Crank up the volume.

No matter where you are headed, music makes it all feel good. Songs lift emotions and enhance mood by getting dopamine and endorphins going. So blast the volume, listen and feel – whether you’re getting ready to go, driving, or heading home. Don’t be shy. Dance, sing, act silly. So the guy in the car next to you sees you singing. Do you care? No way!

Add a colour pop.

Wherever you end up, get ready by using colour to brighten up your mood. Black may be slimming but wearing a pretty scarf, necklace or bracelet adds ‘pop’ to your wardrobe without turning you into a walking rainbow. While you’re at it, buy some new throw pillows and flowering plants so you’ll have Spring to come home to. Who says January has you beat?

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Lauren Millman

Lauren Millman is a Professional Certified Coach, Counsellor, Interventionist and Behaviourist, in private practice in Toronto. She writes for business organizations and e-magazines, and is a regularly featured expert on Rogers Daytime and CTV. Lauren is all about keeping it real, and thinking outside the box to help you get-your-happy-on. She's married with three kids, is a self-confessed coffee snob, and believes you can't own too many pairs of shoes.

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