With busy schedules filled with work, appointments and errands, it’s no wonder it’s so hard to find much needed alone time, just you and your guy. But we can’t stress enough how vital it is to nurture the romance in your relationship. The last thing you want is to wake up one day, look at your partner and mutter, Who ARE you, anyway?

Well, it’s not gonna happen because dating your man doesn’t mean going broke. You don’t have to save up to go out and have a great time because there are lots of creative ways the two of you can enjoy the perfect date night in.

How do you seize the moment and make your night extra special? Start by popping open a bottle you both love and get ready to get down. Here’s how.

How to Date Your Man at Home  

Get yourself ready. In the same manner that you would if going out to a nice restaurant, take time to dress up and make yourself look good. Not that there is anything wrong with sweats and a tee, but for a long awaited date night, it’ll kick up the fun a notch to change out of your “lounge” clothing.

Cozy up the space. Whether it’s a formal setting at your kitchen table, an outdoor picnic on the patio, or dinner in bed, you’ll want to make your space a nice and romantic one. Getting cozy means feeling cozy, after all. 

 Date Night at Home Tips from Inniskillin WinesPrepare and enjoy a meal together. Now comes the best part: eating and toasting to your love. Whether you sit down to a steak dinner, make pizzas or serve up a taco night, you should prepare the meal together.

This is not your regular sweaty cooking, by the way. It’s a fun activity for two, especially if you’re sipping wine.

Play some games. Pull out the board games or a deck of cards. What about playing charades? Maybe you just want to relax and watch a movie together. Or give each other massages. Anything goes just as long as you are sharing the fun together.

Get clicking. Couples don’t often have enough pictures done together, especially once they have kids. Photo booths are all the rage at just about any party you will attend. So why not set up a photo booth at home, with your partner? Hang a sheet as the backdrop, gather any kind of costume items or props or even get sexy and set up your camera on a tripod. Not only is this one a fun activity to enjoy together but it’s also a great memory to have for the future.

 Date Night at Home Tips from Inniskillin Wines - Pinot NoirBring in a personal chef. One of the big draws of going OUT is to not have to cook for yourself and enjoy really great food. While cooking a meal with your partner might be a fun idea, it also might cause more stress and definitely more work. Why not hire in a personal chef for the night to cook you guys an amazing meal? You’ll learn some cooking tips and specific wine pairings.

Pair your meal with the perfect wine for the season, such as Inniskillin’s Late Autumn Riesling for a sweet and refreshing toast to the evening, or a flavourful Pinot Noir for the red lover. Take the fun to the next level and create a wine tasting experience in your living room. Cheers!

Dance off. Who doesn’t love a great dance party? Crank up the tunes and have a dance off with your partner. You can have fun together while stirring up some sparks!  If you’re into upping your dancing skills, queue up a  “How to dance” tutorials online and learn a new dance together. Tango, anyone? 

Date Night at Home Tips from Inniskillin WinesWine & Paint Night. Paint nights are all the rage right now, especially for a girls’ night out. Why not bring this idea into your home for date night with your partner? Grab some wine and a few canvases from the store and create beautiful art together that you can then hang in your home. It can be anything from a monogram to a beautiful picture you’ve seen or even abstract. Have fun together and then hang it in your home for years to come.

Under the Stars. Bundle up or just grab a blanket and head to your your porch with your partner and do some star gazing. Take it one step further by throwing up a white sheet and watching a movie al fresco. If you’re chilly, build a bonfire, heat up some mulled wine, and roast some marshmallows. Because YUM.

Christine Martin is a lifestyle expert who loves to blog about all things entertaining: from party planning to delicious recipes, simple DIY projects, home decor and more. She loves the  Inniskillin Niagara Estate Series of wines which provide  a variety of unique and classic Niagara flavours.

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