Hey, if you’ve been the loyal The Good Wife fan that we know you are (or should be), then you’re feeling pretty stung right now. Our beloved show is over for good.

For GW watchers, the finale was the culmination of seven seasons of watching Alicia grow and change, for better or for worse, depending how you saw it. So, was she really a good wife after all? We’ll leave that question right here.

We think, we hope, we’re pretty sure we know what’s going to happen next, but when a series ends, one can never be sure. As with most great finales, we have to be able to imagine the future for the characters we love. But we’re already missing it.

Did you love The Good Wife? While there can never be a perfect substitution for a show that made an impression, we’ve got some recommendations to help you get over the hurt. We’ve come up with political and legal dramas with strong independent women to help fill the GW void.

Here are 8 awesome candidates you should start binge watching now.


the politicians wifeThe Politician’s Wife

Scandal in the British Parliament? Shocking! A politician’s wife becomes the centre of attention when it is discovered that her husband has been carrying on with a parliamentary researcher who was a former escort. Hmmm, who didn’t see that coming? In public, this brazen woman plays the loyal wife but behind the scenes, she does her damnedest to sabotage her husband’s reputation. You know what they say about a woman scorned.

the politicians husbandThe Politician’s Husband

They look like a political golden couple that has it all until he resigns his cabinet position to make a leadership bid. You’ll be glued as soon as you get a glimpse of what’s going on behind closed doors. Teaser: Their golden relationship begins to crumble under the strain of health diagnosis, rumours and deception. Oh my.

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