Summertime is all the beautiful B’s. You know, like Barbeques and Beaches and Bathing suits and Bellinis. While we plan on soaking up every single second of the glorious sun to come, there will be times that force us from our patio chairs to the cool, dark inside—so we can Binge Watch on the best upcoming TV shows.

It’s barely spring and we are already saving time to binge the new seasons of House of Cards, Orange is the New Black and Game of Thrones when they return this summer. But we are also saving room on our DVRs for these newcomers, too. Because discovering a fantastic binge-worthy show is everything, especially when the days are long.


clawsClaws – TNT – June 11

What it’s about: Women supporting women. That’s what we like to hear. But let’s face it, the women who work at this particular nail salon do so in rather unconventional way. You know, with their claws out. Think money laundering and an illegal pain drug clinic.

Why we love it: There is a lot more going on at this salon than mani pedis and we can’t wait to find out what it is exactly.

Glow – Netflix  June 23

What it’s about: The 80s—oh how we miss them. It was the decade where everything big took centre stage. The big hair. The glitz. The glamour. The blue eye shadow. The ladies of wrestling.

Why we love it: Wait… What? This Netflix comedy takes us back to our favourite decade of excess from the perspective of women trying to make it in a male dominated world. Some things have not changed. Phew.

salvationSalvation – CBC – July 12

What it’s about: The world is on the brink of disaster. But clearly not of the man made variety. What happens when a techie superstar and an MIT student discover an asteroid that is about to hit the Earth and destroy life as we know it? Well, of course, they take their discovery to the Pentagon.

Why we love it: We’re full of questions. Like hey, will these heroes be taken seriously by officials before it’s too late? You’ll have to watch to find out.

Midnight TexasMidnight Texas – NBC – July 25

What it’s about: The end of Vampire Diaries has left a supernatural-sized hole in our heart. We miss you, Damon. The good news is we found a perfect replacement—complete with vampires, witches and all things that exist in the dark.

Why we love it: Nothing in the small town of Midnight is what it seems, or so it seems. The natural and the supernatural co-exist and only outsiders fit in. No how fabulous is that?

The MistThe Mist – Spike – June 22

What it’s about: Fog has never been more sinister than in Stephen King’s novella The Mist. In this adaptation, the monsters are not imaginary, though. They are about as real as they get. In fact, they are human.

Why we love it: So much fear. And so much sex. This one will be a great summer thrill ride. In a creepy Twilight Zone sort of way.

the sinnerThe Sinner – USA – August 2

What it’s about: Violent secrets plague Jessica Biel in this psychological crime thriller. Too bad she doesn’t know why it’s happening. It’s not about the who or what though; it’s about the why as she dives deep into her psyche to try and figure out her violent and random fit of rage.

Why we love it: Running at 8 episodes means this a perfect summer binge watch.


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Patricia is a proud geek raising two little geeklings along with her geeky husband. You can find her on Twitter fangirling about her latest obsessions. Since she spends 8 months out of the year living in a barren winter waste land, she dreams of living bare foot on a tropical beach someday.

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