Who doesn’t want a happy, healthy marriage? Besides the obvious—, sex, fidelity—there are some pretty surprising things that go into making a marriage successful, according to Andrea Miller, a love and relationships expert and CEO of Your Tango. tips to a successful marriageAfter mining the scientific research, she found quite a few little known factors that affect your most intimate relationship. Strange? Maybe. Successful? You bet. And seriously, who doesn’t want a happily ever after? Here they are.


1. YOU HAD A BIG WEDDING  Not what you might expect to hear, but the National Marriage Project from The University of Virginia conducted a survey of 418 couples and found a correlation between large weddings and conjugal happiness as well as higher quality of marriage. Note: The size of the wedding was determined by the number of guests, not the extravagance. So you’re probably better off going ahead and expanding the guest list, but reigning in the bridezilla.

2. YOU BOTH HAVE HIGH BONE MINERAL DENSITY  This one sounds like a crock, but it’s not. A study of 632 adults found a correlation between better bone health and marriage quality. Although we still don’t know what causes this link, the study found that men who had never been married, were separated, divorced, or widowed had significantly lower bone mass density than those who were married. So consider ordering milk on your next date!

3. YOU’RE GOOD LOOKING A recent study led by psychologist Andrea Meltzer followed 450 newlywed couples over four years and they were asked whether an attractive spouse leads to satisfaction in marriage. Perhaps not shockingly, men said yes, and ladies said no. Harsh, perhaps, but true.

4. YOUR HUSBAND IS NOT ATTRACTIVE Beauty and the Beast anyone? Another study found that ladies are better off marrying an unattractive mate. Researchers believe that, because of the high value men place on physical beauty, it’s more likely they will treat their beautiful wives better. Hmmmmmm…maybe a little Botox is in order after?

5. YOU HAVE SEPARATE HOBBIES Guess what? No one likes a Kling-On. Just because you share a bed does not mean you should share every aspect of life. Fight the instinct to take up all of your spouse’s hobbies, especially in cases where you don’t actually enjoy or appreciate one. According to a study published in Journal of Marriage and Family, couples who separate to engage in their hobbies have greater marriage satisfaction. So go out and do your own thing.

6. YOU PUT OFF KIDS  A recent survey found that younger couples who delayed having children had the happiest relationships. While some might argue that children strengthened their bond, this result is really not as surprising as it seems, since parenting is hard work. Consider just how much time and effort it requires then report back.

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