When it comes to sex, we all seem to fall into familiar (read: ho-hum) patterns, and opt for those same old, same old sex positions we already know work for us. Hmmmmm…

Whether we’re stuck in your basic missionary, the tried and true woman-on-top, or the ever-so-submissive doggy style, we can all agree that we’ll benefit from breaking out and mixing it up now and then. Thinking there must be some creative still left in you? Let’s see it in the bedroom (or wherever else you want). Whether you’re with a new partner or just want to test out something new with a long-term one, here are six sex positions you may love.

6 Hot New Sex Positions To Try Out Now


6 Hot New Sex Positions

The Butterfly

The Butterfly is an ideal position for that must-have-you-now sex on a countertop, dining table, or desk.

What she can do: Depending on her strength, flexibility, and what feels comfortable, she can either bring her knees back toward her chest for deeper penetration, or she can raise one leg up in a semi-split, with her knee bent. If one foot is actually touching the ground, the split will give her greater control because the grounded leg can provide some stability.

What he can do: This can be a wonderful thrusting position that also stimulates her G-spot. His strength and stamina will deter­mine how long he can stay in this position, as the angle may be difficult to maintain.

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