Aha, we thought so: Canada is much more than just a pretty face. We’re playing in the big leagues these days. In case you didn’t know, our fair country has recently become a hot bed of Hollywood productions. For starters, nearly every superhero TV show is filmed in Vancouver. You name it, it’s here. 6 Canadian TV Shows to Keep Your Eyes OnToronto is also home to the much anticipated American Gods production and NBC’s latest hit, Taken. Of course, those series, while filmed here, are actually set in American cities. But we’ve got some homegrown talent of our own, thank you very much.

Canadian television is far from dead. It is actually experiencing a resurgence. And the world is starting to take notice of our outstanding talent. No more FOMO this side of the border.

Here are our picks of Canadian television that you should be paying attention to.


Mary Kills People – Global

6 Canadian TV Shows to Keep Your Eyes OnA single mom. An ER doctor sworn to uphold the ethical standards of her profession.

So what’s the twist?

She works helps those who want to end their lives on their own terms in an illegal underground business of doctor assisted death. Balancing the two becomes, let’s say, complicated when the police start getting involved.

Cardinal – CTV

6 Canadian TV Shows to Keep Your Eyes OnBased on the John Cardinal book series, this thriller has already been given the go ahead to produce two more seasons!

The storyline goes like this: the drama follows disgraced Detective Cardinal after he is brought back to investigate the murder of a young girl in Northern Ontario. Little does he know that the investigator is also the investigated as his partner has her own secret agenda.

XCompany – CBC

6 Canadian TV Shows to Keep Your Eyes OnWhat? Canada has spies? You Bet!

XCompany tell the story of Canadian spies during the dangerous time of World War II. What do we love about it? Not only is there action, adventure and intrigue but fans of period dramas will enjoy the setting in 1940s where the world was in upheaval and no rules applied.

Schitts Creek – CBC and Netflix

6 Canadian TV Shows to Keep Your Eyes OnFrom riches to rags. Now there’s a story we can’t help but watch. You know, the train wreck variety.

The Rose family lose it all and are forced to rebuild their lives in a town they bought as a joke when money was no object. You could say they are up Schitt’s Creek without a paddle. The exceedingly hilarious Eugene Levy and Catherine O’Hara star as Mr. and Mrs. Rose in all their stuck up snobbish finery.

We haven’t laughed this hard in a long long time.

6 Canadian TV Shows to Keep Your Eyes OnBellevue – CBC

A complicated female cop with a tragic past butts heads with do gooders in a small town when she tries to solve the death of a teenage boy.

What happens next? Through a mysterious riddle, she learns that his disappearance is connected to her past, her father and an unsolved murder.

6 Canadian TV Shows to Keep Your Eyes OnFrontier – Discovery

Do we really need any more reasons to watch beyond the words Jason Momoa?

He plays an outlaw during the peak of Canada’s fur trade. His small group finds itself at odds with the massive Hudson’s Bay Company, which held a monopoly on Canada’s fur trade during the late 18th century. Life in the frontier is rough and gritty as is the fight for control of the fur business.

Season 2 has already been filmed in Newfoundland and will air later this year.

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