Think design, and you’ll probably think safe, clean, neutral, and dare we say it — just this side of boring. We get it. No one wants to make that dreaded orange couch mistake you loved at first sight and now have to live with forever. But while whites, greys, and nudes may soothe the soul, you need some colour in your world. Nothing too permanent, mind you. Just a pop here and a splash there to remind you of all that is bright and brazen in the world. Especially in winter when small indulgences can make a big impact.

This season, be sure to personalize your space with the hue that makes you smile. Canadian design pro Andrea Ford says it best: Colour is a key factor in our daily fashion choices, from the shoes we wear to the smartphone covers we buy, and decorating your home is no exception. Big on finding unusual places to put hits of your beloved brights, Andrea loves Renova’s new range of coloured papers, including luxury 2-ply toilet paper, paper towels, pocket tissues, and two cool kinds of napkins. And so do we.

Perfect for adding a little pizzazz to every room, these double-sided home paper products — one side white, the other bright — will bring personality into every facet of our lives. Trust us, this is one little touch your home will thank you for.


1. Play peek-a-boo with colour.

Brighten up those neutral pieces of furniture by adding colour in unexpected places. How? Be creative. Reupholster the back of an older couch or chair with a bright patterned fabric. Line drawers or the inside of armoires with paper or wallpaper. Renova Red Label Green Paper Towel

2. Brighten rooms with accessories.

Let your personality shine through your choice of Renova’s coloured toilet paper and paper towels. Vibrant, colourful rolls of paper — they come in fuchsia, red, green, blue, orange, purple, and stunning seasonal and limited edition patterns — will give your bathroom and kitchen a fresh new look without breaking the bank. Change the colour with your mood. And play designer by choosing colours that match or contracst with your existing accent colours.

3. Freshen up your closets.

Front closets are a great place to add pops of unexpected colour. It may look like a simply plain closet from the outside, but open it and you’ll be hit with a bright, bold, pattern lining and fun fluorescent hangers.

4. Let your personality shine.

Buying or making bright/patterned lampshades or fixtures is a simple way to repurpose waht you already have and make a big impact in any space. Imagine a netural room with a fuchsia fixture. Now that’s WOW. Try some DIY by lining the inside of lampshades with big prints or bold colours using wallpaper or wrapping paper. Imagine that impact when you turn on the light.

5. Add colour under the covers.

Bed sheets can be a simple yet impactful way of brightening up your bedroom. Turn up the heat in your white bedroom by making up your bed with big patterns and florals.

More on Red Label by Renova RENOVA Red Label Assortment of coloured home paper

This new era of coloured tissue was created by Renova, the brand famous for creating the first black toilet paper in 2005. Serving both your function and style sensibilities, this line of home papers is soft and luxurious white on one site and and bright, bold colour on the other. Made famous by celebs like Beyonce who will only use red toilet paper on tour, Renova is available in more than 60 countries. Offering high quality, eco-friendly, and dermatologist-tested products that are gentle on the skin, the line is available in major supermarkets across Canada. Visit for more info.


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