Exciting news for TV buffs: The early 90’s cult classic created by David Lynch and Mark Frost, Twin Peaks, will be returning to the small screen in 2016 — 25 years (Gasp! It’s true!) after it disappeared from the air. It’s about time, too, because the finale asked more questions than it answered and ended with a cliffhanger that left us, well, hanging. The return of of the wonderfully strange and strangely wonderful Twin Peaks on Showtime in the new year won’t be just another reboot. Instead, expect to settle in for a 9-episode mini series set in present day. To catch you up, Showtime plans to run the entire series before the premiere. Kyle MacLachlan, who played FBI Agent Dale Cooper is reported to be returning, no doubt looking for a damn good cup of coffee and a slice of cherry pie. In the finale, Cooper was possessed by Killer Bob (still the creepiest character we’ve ever had the displeasure of meeting on TV) and we’re dying to know what became of him as he hunted for clues in Laura Palmer’s murder.

Which begs the most obvious TV question: Are there other favourite shows we’d love to see return?

You bet your bowl of popcorn there are. 


THE SIX MILLION DOLLAR MAN After poor, hunky astronaut Steve Austin was injured in an accident, he was magically rebuilt — using bionic implants that cost, you guessed it, $6 million. We watched Austin as he went on to use his newfound speed, strength and super sight (all offered in slo-mo with that cool bionic sound) to fight bad guys as a secret agent and he even found love with the Bionic Woman.

Why We Need it Back When the show aired, limb replacements were pretty rare. With today’s technology, they have become almost commonplace for serious injuries and yet, they still haven’t quite reached bionic status. Who doesn’t want to be half-robot? Six million dollars might not by a lot these days so the show may have to be renamed Eleventy Billion Dollar Man. The key will be finding a modern-day Steve who looks as good as Lee Majors. LHMainTitle

LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRAIRIE This nostalgic family drama was based on the famous book series written by none other than Half-Pint herself, Laura Ingalls Wilder. It detailed her life growing up on a farm in the late 1800s. Although quite wholesome, it somehow still managed to tackle such mature life issues as addiction, rape and prejudice — giving us a headstart in life.

Why We Need it Back Few of us can imagine what life was like before 24/7 news coverage and how on earth we survived without a cell phone attached to our hip. Not that we want to pack our bags and live off the grid, mind you, but tuning into life on the prairie just might slow down the pace of life for a bit. Or at least just long enough for us to swoon over Michael Landon and enjoy hating on ol’ Nellie Olson again. MASH

M*A*S*H* An acronym for Mobile Army Surgical Hospital, this cult classic of 251 episodes that aired on CBS from 1972 – 1983, followed key personnel during the Korean War, becoming one of the most celebrated TV series in history. Its genius lay in the use of multiple plot lines to show the tension between its dark subject matter and clever comedy. Think surgeons Hawkeye and Trapper chasing tail and any one of Corporal Klinger’s fancy outfits.

Why We Need it Back A more modern version of M*A*S*H would be just as relevant today as conflict builds in the world around us. The perspective of being able to laugh when you could just as easily cry would ease all of our struggles. Just hearing the theme song Suicide is Painless brings us to that point. Would be pretty darn hard, though, to find actors as brilliant as the likes of Alan Alda, Harry Morgan and Loretta Swit. We’d definitely need as many cameos as possible.   my-so-called-life

MY SO-CALLED LIFE Another 90s series cancelled much too soon (after just one season on ABC), My So-Called Life was real teen angst relived onscreen. Since no one could pay us enough to back to high school, it was a relief to watch the pain play out without getting involved. Between the ups and downs of Angela’s friendship with Rayanne and her unrequited heart ping-ponging between sexy Jordan Catalano and geeky Brian Krakow, we were hooked.

Why We Need it Back We could feel the teenage longing oozing off our screen. And it’s about time we found out who Angela, brilliantly played by Clare Danes, ended up with. The best reason to bring this one back, though, is that the actors are still young and hot enough to reunite. Jared Leto, that’s you, buddy. 5 TV shows that need to make a comeback

THE LOVE BOAT Aaron Spelling introduced us to cruising in this 70s series that had a different set of passengers working out their passion problems on a cruise ship every week. Presided over by the bald, benevolent Captain Stubing — who should have been the poster boy for the Princess lines — the crew, including Bartender Isaac, Purser Gopher, Cruise Director Julie McCoy, and Doc Adam Bricker felt like family, and it’s always sad when you lose family.

Why We Need it Back The Love Boat started to sink in the ratings after spending too many seasons at sea. After the show’s seventh season, our beloved Julie McCoy disappeared when the character who played her was dismissed for substance abuse problems and was replaced by virtual strangers. We want those early fun days back, when love could be found in any state room, dining table or poolside deck, anywhere along the way from Cali to Mexico. Yep, that was the life. Do you agree with our picks? What show would you like to see return? And who would play your favourite character?

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