Have you recovered yet or are you just starting to grieve? Say it ain’t so. After six seasons, our beloved Downton Abbey has closed its grand doors for good. The historical drama finale left us with all manner of romantics feels. But then, after we had a good old fashioned sob, we realized that it was over. Forever.

Well, we may be down but we’re not out. Losing our favourite period piece left us scrambling for the remote to find something to fill the void. And thank goodness for the Internet. After some swift stream-search, we’ve come up with some dramatic alternatives that will more than work.

Never fear, friends of the past! Here are our picks to fill your historical British drama need.

5 TV Shows To Watch if You Loved Downton Abbey

mr selfridgeMr. Selfridge

Set in England during the early 1900s, you’ll be hooked on watching this eccentric American as he goes ahead and builds the finest department store that London has ever seen. Lucky for us, his troubles follow him across the Atlantic, throwing his new empire into all kinds of fun-to-watch turmoil.

When and Where: Season 4 just ended on PBS but you can binge watch with a nice cup of tea on Netflix.

call the midwifeCall the Midwife

The day to day lives of midwives in East London during the 1950s and 1960s are entwined with some pretty interesting historical events of the time. Medical problems and poverty don’t mix as the midwives struggle to cope and keep their patients healthy and safe.

When and Where: Season 5 wrapped up on PBS (they really do have all the great period drama, FYI) but stream on Netflix while you wait for Season 6 to arrive in 2017.

Grand HotelGrand Hotel

Imagine a mashup between Downton Abbey and a steamy telenovela. That’s Grand Hotel. The setting is a luxury hotel that hides juicy trysts. And murderous secrets. A young man, in search of his sister’s killer, starts a dangerous affair with the hotel owner’s daughter. Ya, that’s can’t end well.

When and Where: Alas, this show ended in 2013 but Netlfix comes through again! You can watch all three seasons there—without interruption.

North-and-SouthNorth and South

Think this BBC drama will be reminiscent of the 1980s American miniseries starring Patrick Swayze? Nope, no civil war here—only a Victorian era clash between classes, something the Brits do so well. A well bred young woman from the South falls for a rough and tough northerner from the wrong side of the tracks. Both have strong wills, and when they collide, there are fireworks.

When and Where: This 4-part mini series is a great Netlflix watch for those days when you know you’re never getting off the couch.

Parades EndParades End

World War I. Love Triangles. Benedict Cumberbatch. We really only needed two of those things to make us tune in and war isn’t one of them. Our hero is a man of wealth and privilege stuck in a troubled marriage with a socialite and we can’t drag our eyes away as he falls in love with a young suffragette. Having a stiff upper lip and all that, this husband feels a duty to his wife, even though—surprise, surprise—she is cheating on him just as hard.

When and Where: At only 5 episodes, you can Netflix and Chill with Benedict. We know what we’re doing this weekend.


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