These days, I am finding myself in a new and interesting place, one that I didn’t see coming. As life ramps up to record speed, I feel myself getting calmer and more capable. This improvement in my general health and well-being is not happening automatically, though. I’m living in less of a blur because I’m consciously slowing myself down in order to focus on what’s important: how I feel. I’ve decided that I want to feel amazing, and nothing is going to stop me.

I’ll admit that sometimes, I get so focused I forget to eat, or go to a party and forget to stop drinking. But instead of living for work or the next glass of wine, I’m making sure to stop and breathe and think about exactly how to take care of my insides. “Going inside”, as I like to call it, is not easy in this busy world of ours but it is possible. You just have to carve out the time, and the space inside your mind and body, to make it happen—using Healthy Life Hacks that help you feel connected and energized all at once.

Do you have Healthy Life Hacks that help you enjoy every day you face? Here are mine.

5 Healthy Life Hacks…that are great for your soul

Healthy Life Hack 1: Set a date—for the gym.

I used to moan and groan about having to exercise as if it was some kind of hell. It wasn’t that I didn’t like it. It was that I convinced myself it was a chore, and so eventually, I’d give it up. But what I’ve discovered recently is that routine is way more important than I realized, and when it comes to exercise, I no longer give myself a choice. Now it’s a given, just another part of my day. A week in advance, I book fitness classes online and then I shift the rest of my schedule to accommodate them. No questions asked.

5 Healthy Life Hacks That Will Make You Feel Amazing

Yes, working out is hard work. But if you focus on the benefits you can’t live without—and not just for that flab around your back, but for your soul, too—then you won’t deny yourself. It’s an incredible surprise to find yourself tearing up while spinning or feeling a blanket of peace settle over you during yoga. The bottom line is, you deserve what that me-time brings.

How much time should you devote to your body and soul? As a minimum, you need around 150 minutes of moderate activity weekly to keep healthy and reduce your stress. So, book workouts and don’t let anything bump them.

Healthy Life Hack 2: Stretch that food prep.

Planning nutritious meals takes time and effort but the payoff is huge. Of course, if you fancy yourself a cook, the whole experience is fun, from shopping to eating and every stage in between. But if you’re like me, the time it takes to cook a meal and clean up afterward is nowhere near the 30-minute payoff of eating.

Consider this: you can make food last a long time if you plan ahead. You’ll not only save precious hours running back to the store, but you’ll always have food on hand so you’re not walking around empty and annoyed.

While grocery shopping, I always think about how I can use ingredients more than once. When I’m grilling chicken breast, for instance, I make sure I’ve got extra, so there’ll be enough left over to dice into tomorrow’s lunch salad (along with the mandarin oranges I’ll munch on for my binge-watch night snack and the cashew nuts I’ll keep in my car for starving moments). And when I make lasagna or soup or pie, it’s just as easy to make two of them, one for now and one for the freezer.

Healthy Life Hack 3: Take Omega-3.

5 Healthy Life Hacks That Will Make You Feel AmazingMom always said to take your vitamins, but did you listen? Well, you should now because supplements have come a long way, baby. Personally, I’m a fan of OmegaSea, an affordable, great tasting, ultra-pure Omega-3 supplement available in chocolate, lemon and bubblegum flavours that won’t give you a fishy burp back. You can find OmegaSea products in the pharmacy section at your local Walmart, Rexall, Superstore, Fortino’s and more

With just one teaspoon a day (you can also add it to smoothies, shakes and cold salads), you’ll have the peace of mind that you’re contributing to your overall good health. Plus, with a potency of 750 mg of EPA+DHA per teaspoon, every bottle is third-party tested for purity, potency, and label claims through the PureCheck Program.

What are the health benefits exactly? A single dose of OmegaSea’s liquid omega-3 and vitamin D will give you:

  • Omega-3 fatty acids that help support cognitive health and brain function
  • EPA & DHA Omega-3 fatty acids that help support and maintain cardiovascular health
  • 1,000 IU of vitamin D which assists in bone development and maintenance

Healthy Life Hack 4: Drink consciously.

It took me a long time to figure out, but most drinks on the market are evil for your waistline or do zero for your health. They just fill you up and make you pee way too much (especially at night, interfering with your beauty sleep). That’s why it’s so important to figure out how to get enough healthy hydration without going overboard.

5 Healthy Life Hacks That Will Make You Feel AmazingWith meals or for a snack, I love freshly squeezed juices and smoothies, which retain their nutrients and have no added sugar. But for everyday sipping, I’m a cold water girl. One way to make sure you don’t gulp too much liquid is to use a straw, although that’s not the best idea if, like me, you’ve got wrinkles around the mouth forming. Instead, I keep a Swell bottle filled with water infused with citrus fruit or cucumbers for taste, so that I can keep cool by sipping throughout the day.

Healthy Hack 5: Practice being mindful.

To slow yourself down, you have to find a way—at least once every day, for a sustained period—to go inside where it’s calm. Meditation is amazing for stress relief and mental health, and you can do it almost anywhere if you can teach yourself to quiet the thoughts in your brain and focus on the moment you’re in. If, like me, you’re a very Type A personality, you may need to learn mindfulness techniques. Try an app to help guide your meditations, such as Headspace, or a device like the Muse headband, which will help you reduce stress and increase focus.

Once you get hooked on the meditative power inside you, you should practice it daily, whether that’s with one of these aids or on your own, at yoga, jogging, walking the dog, or lying in bed at night listening to music you love. Like any other exercise, the more you do it, the easier it gets, and the better you feel.


This post was generously sponsored by OmegaSea but all opinions are ours. 





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