Well? Have you ever used a vibrator? Which one is best? Nothing like getting right to down to the point fast, right? Or nice and slow, depending how you like it. Or maybe you don’t know what you like exactly and all you want is to enjoy finding out. In fact, we’re thinking that taking the—ahem, plunge—and experimenting with a few different vibrators before settling on your favourite just may be the way to go.

How to Choose the Best Vibrator in 5 Simple StepsHow do you choose a vibrator that will rock your world? Believe it or not, there is actually a science to finding one. Or two. Or ten.

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Are you there? Ready to find a vibrator to call your own? Let’s do this.

5 Tips to Choosing the Right Vibrator for You

1. Be honest about what stimulation you already respond to.

Are you more clitorally responsive or is G spot, A spot, or anal stimulation more apt to get you going? There are plenty of toys that stimulate one or several of these spots at one time.

2. Consider what materials, shapes and sizes appeal to you. Then think lube.

Some women are sensitive to certain materials, such as latex, for instance. Or maybe you prefer a softer touch to the toy (think silicone) or firmer (metal, hard plastic, acrylic). Regardless, a good lube can make all of the difference. There are scented lubes, warming lubes and organic lubes to choose from. Some better for certain toy materials. For example, silicone toys need water-based lube. Always read the directions on your toy.

3. A little homework goes a long way so do yours.

Read reviews and pay attention to patterns of what worked well for any given customer. And ask your friends. You’d be surprised how many of them may have suggestions about what works for them. Don’t be shy. Consider it some fun self-care research.

4. Decide on your level of expertise and level of investment.

How to Choose the Best Vibrator in 5 Simple StepsYou don’t need to be intimidated—because there is a toy for absolutely everyone, whether it is a more simple design or a product with more bells and whistles. If you aren’t sure how much to invest, buy a few basic designs (smaller versus larger at first). Then you can upgrade and get a higher quality version that you can use for years to come.

5. Find a reputable, discreet retailer who has a guarantee and go for it.

Embarrassment can make or break an experience, and so discreet packaging and billing is a must. That’s why online retailers—like AdamandEve.com—are the way to go. They have fabulous customer service and an iron-clad 90 day guarantee, plus literally thousands of toys of every persuasion to choose from. PS> They usually have some sort of fabulous sale going as well, you know, to keep it fresh.

5 Vibrators We Love

Need some brazen recommendations? We feel you, and we want you to feel you. In the best possible way.

So here are 5 vibrators that do the job well, and are perfect for beginners to try.

1. Silicone G-Gasm Rabbit

How to Choose the Best Vibrator in 5 Simple Steps

Silicone G-Gasm Rabbit

WHY WE LOVE IT: A great option for beginners. Waterproof. Submersible. Made from premium silicone. 7 wonderful easy-to-use vibration modes.

2. Luxe Princess Vibrator

How to Choose the Best Vibrator in 5 Simple Steps

Luxe Princess

WHY WE LOVE IT: Rechargeable, textured, and quiet. At 4” long, the Luxe Princess is the perfect size for satisfaction inside and out.

3. Sensual Touch

How to Choose the Best Vibrator in 5 Simple Steps

Sensual Touch

WHY WE LOVE IT: 10 powerful vibration speeds and functions. Made from luxurious silicone. Rechargeable. The most powerful and petite wand massager ever made!

4. Warming Rabbit G

How to Choose the Best Vibrator in 5 Simple Steps

Warming Rabbit G

WHY WE LOVE IT: Erotic vibrating bliss plus arousing warmth, all in one pretty, sexy vibe. Warms up to 107.6 F degrees.

5. Magic Massager

How to Choose the Best Vibrator in 5 Simple Steps

Magic Massager

WHY WE LOVE IT: The original wand massager. Strong enough for even the most demanding user but ideal for first timers.

Dr. Kat Van Kirk is a licensed marriage and sex therapist. She is the sex and relationship expert at www.AdamandEve.com.

Ready to get yours? What are you waiting for? 

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