Products to help hot flashes

3. HOT GIRLS PEARLS – $50 – $150

What It Is: Feelin the heat and you’ll do just about anything to cool off? Never mind using your napkin as a makeshift fan. Jump the gun on those hot flashes by wearing your Hot Girls Pearls cooling necklace (and/or bracelet), the first and only fashion accessory for natural relief of hot flashes. Disguised as a lovely strand of classic pearls, this natural cure reduces your body temperature in an instant so you can continue to feel calm, collected and most of all, cool.

Why It’s Cool: The oversized pearls are filled with nontoxic cooling gel that get arctic cold in your freezer and stay icy on your neck. Go from feeling fried to feeling fabulous with this fashion-forward fix that comes in its own travel purse with ice pack. Brilliant, right? Products to help combat hot flashes

4. CHILLOW COMFORT DEVICE – $19.99 + SH (Visit website for retailers)

What It Is: No more pillow flip to cool your pillow now that the Chillow by Katoby is on the market. This personal cooling device makes your pillow cold without any electricity, freezing or chemicals. Just activate it once and leave it in your pillow for just the right temperature — not to hot, not too cold.

Why It’s Cool: Traditional pillows trap hot air and heat from your head, making hot flashes worse than ever and keeping you from most restorative rest. The Chillow is a flexible, leak-proof casic and inner core that provides unique support with thermal regulation. It’s so cool, soothing and relaxing, you just may find you’re using it on the couch and behind your back in the car, too.

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