Is it just me or is it really hot in here? Oh yes, we’re going there: The M word (menopause, sshhhhhh…). It’s coming whether we like it or not, and it’s bringing hot flashes you can’t ignore. They seem to hit just when you least expect it. You’re all dressed up at a cocktail party or enjoying the best dream ever, and out of nowhere, you’re drenched. Listen up. The time has come to kick menopause out of the closet and do something about what it’s doing to you.

Need help getting through those nasty hot flashes? Here are four very cool products you need to invest in now.


1. SWEAT-PROOF PJs – $96 – $138 at moregaagency and $88 – $155 at lusome 

What It Is: Now if it’s gettin hot in here, you don’t have to take off all your clothes. At night, anyway. If you go to sleep nice and dry, you should wake up that way, and you will— with Lusome Sleep Wear and Hanky Panky and Love and Grace pjs. They’re all made specifically to combat hot flashes. Cool products to get you through the hot flashes

The Donna PJ Set  ($155) is just one style in a new line of sleepwear that keeps night sweats away with Lusomé’s innovative dryLon ™, a proprietary technology that activates a push-pull effect when perspiration touches the fabric so it evaporates upon contact with air. No more stifling heat, wet pillows or damp sheets. And believe it or not, they actually look and feel good on your body. The designs double as loungewear. Just add your coziest slippers or even sneakers.

products to get you through hot flashes

The Hanky Panky Supima Cotton Night Shirt ($96) is made of 100% Supima Cotton, which is an incredibly soft and super strong fabric. It’s got a dual function: It allows your body to breathe while you sleep while its lightweight fabric prevents you from overheating. Available in white, baby blue, pink and black.

Love and Grace Cassie PJ ($138) is a classic cotton/modal blend pajama set that’s got everything you need to let you get your beauty rest. The longer top and slightly flared bottom allows for flow and movement, and the non-binding waistband will never pinch. Made of 50%Love and Grace Cassie PJ Supima Cotton and 50% Modal, it works to wick away moisture and washes beautifully. Available in black, white, powder blue, pink, indigo and seasonal prints. This season, go for the blue camouflage or black/white snow leopard.

Why It’s Cool: Lightweight and classic, this sleepwear has everything we need to live in—light, dry and fashion forward enough to wear around the house. The ultimate in comfort and style.

4 products to beat hot flashes

2. WIRELESS BED FAN – $99.99 

What It Is: No more kicking the sheets off because you can’t take the heat. This Bed Fan with Wireless Remote from Brookstone is the perfect solution to night sweats. It actually circulates air under the sheets to send a refreshing breeze over your body — without freezing out your partner.

Why It’s Cool: The adjustable height clears thick to ultra-thick mattresses on a variety of bed frames and the wireless remote is backlit upon touch, has variable speed, and sits on your nightstand so you can adjust it when the flash hits.


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