1.    Check the Net.

Conduct a Google image search for the follow terms: engagement ring, x shape engagement ring, halo engagement ring, solitaire engagement ring. Scour magazines and Pinterest to find general design cues that speak to you.

2.    Create a 3D Model.

Take what you find to a jeweller who uses the latest in 3D CAD technology and can create a 3D model of your new ring. Ask about the pros and cons of the different metals so you can make an informed choice about whether to cast your ring in 14k gold, 18k gold, platinum, or another metal.

3.    Double Check.

Ensure that the jeweller shows you a 3D image of your ring for sign-off before beginning any manufacturing, so you can make last minute adjustments.


If you just want a bigger or higher quality stone, use these expert tips:

1.    Maximize the size and sparkle of the diamond – without going below any colour or clarity grade that will negatively impact the stone. This is always a balancing that depends on the diamond itself. General Rules: *For a diamond that looks white, stick to “H” or greater in colour. *Inspect carefully to ensure that your diamond is clean to the naked eye with no visible black inclusions or hazy areas *Stick to SI1 or greater in clarity if you aren’t confident in your ability to inspect the stone. However, some of the best value can be found in carefully selecting the nicest SI2 graded stones.

2.    Never sacrifice cut. You want to stick to Very Good or better cuts, and ideally Excellent cuts. There is a lot of physics contributing to a diamond’s brilliance and you want to make sure the stone is set up perfectly to maximize this.

3.    Only look at diamonds with reputable certificates, such as GIA. Some diamond grading labs are known to be very lenient in their grading and you want to be sure that you are receiving exactly what you are paying for. Everything You Need to Know about Redesigning Your Engagement Ring

NOTE: What do you do with your original ring? Reselling a diamond typically means losing money because it’s rare to recoup the price or the appraised value. If you can afford it, try to save both the monetary and the sentimental value of the original diamond by repurposing it in a new piece of jewellery, such as a necklace. The old ring setting can also be worn as a right hand ring for, say, a sapphire, that’s beautiful and less costly than a diamond. 

So there you have it! Whether redesigning your original engagement ring, upgrading your diamond (or both!), you now have the tools you need to get the ring of your dreams.


Featured image photo credit: ilovebutter via photopin cc Jewellery images courtesy of Kimberfire

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