It’s summer, baby, and we’re rocking in everyone’s favourite way: Clinking cocktails on the patio. Whether you’re entertaining a crowd or just enjoying a romantic sun-dappled drink, we’ve got 3 refreshing cocktail recipes you’ll love.

Take your pick: (Wo)Man-up with our Canadian take on sexy bourbon, savour the tastes of Italy, or if you’re feeling a little outrageous, try a mock (gasp!) raspberry mojito. The best part? They’re so easy—no bartending skills required. Bottoms up, lovers.


WHISKEY SMASH Wild Turkey bourbon, with its images of cowboys throwing back shots before a bar brawl, is all grown up. The 81 was created to maintain the spirit of the drink while making it ideal for cocktails. This whiskey, aged 6-8 years, has an unmatched flavour and will add just the right kick to your celebration, especially when paired with all-Canadian maple syrup. Sorry, ladies. Tough guys not included.

WHAT YOU NEED Wild Turkey - Whisky Smash -12 parts Wild Turkey 81 Proof Bourbon ½ part real maple syrup 6 fresh mint leaves Half a lemon (cut into quarters)

WHAT YOU DO Combine lemon, maple syrup and mint in a cocktail shaker. Muddle gently to release juice from the lemon and oils from the mint. Add bourbon and ice then shake hard for 10 seconds. Double strain in a rocks glass over fresh ice. Garnish with a mint sprig.


Mojito Mocktail: Arkay raspberry nojitoWhile non-alcoholic drinks have been around forever (juice anyone?), non-alcoholic spirits are newbies on the party scene. Adding a sophistication to mocktails, these mixers mean that your dieters, teetotalers and designated drivers can go bottoms up with the rest of the party—without the added punch of alcohol. Water-based, infused with flavour extracts, zero calories per serving and no added sugar, they won’t up your caloric intake either.

Insider Tip: To reduce the punch and calories of your cocktail, just replace one of your alcoholic spirits with a non-alcoholic version. 

WHAT YOU NEED 2 oz ArKay Mojito 1 oz simple syrup 5 raspberries ½ lime, peeled and diced 7 mint leaves 2 oz tonic water Mint sprig/extra raspberries

WHAT YOU DO Add raspberries, lime pieces, simple syrup and mint to a highball glass. Muddle ingredients together. Add Arkay Mojito mix and then top with 2 oz. of tonic water. Garnish with a mint sprig and raspberry.


 Aperol SpritzA classically Italian aperitif, Aperol is bound to add a little cosmopolitan flavour and colour to your backyard bbq. The signature orange burst and bright taste is perfect for a little day-drinking or with appetizers as the sun sets. And really, who can resist anything with Prosecco in it? This cocktail is literally 3-2-1 easy to make.


3 parts Cinzano Prosecco

2 parts Aperol

1 splash Soda


Add ice to a glass then pour in the  Prosecco, the Aperol and a splash of soda. Top with a slice of orange. And you’re ready to clink glasses.

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