It’s 7 am and you’re up with the sun. You’re at the gym by 8, then your day begins in earnest. By mid-morning, you realize you haven’t even downed your first cup of java, never mind had something substantial to eat. So you grab a snack and keep on rolling. Rinse and repeat in the afternoon. It’s go, go go – a day in the life of a modern woman.

Can woman survive on salads and smoothies alone? No, we think not.

Which is why you’ll love revving up with these delicious, nutritious energy  bars. Nothing beats settling down for three square meals a day, but sometimes that’s just not gonna happen. You need back-up eats that will fill your bod with stuff it can use to keep you going. Right past that drive-thru window.

We’re telling you straight. These three brands have got it going on – natural ingredients, tons of fibre and protein, and loads of vitamins and minerals. All three are gluten-free, some are non-GMO, and all offer mega taste in a lower calorie impact package. Just the thing you need to tide you over.


Our Favourite Snack Bars: Clif MOJO Bars1. THE CLIF MOJO BAR ($1.99)

Conceived by Clif bar founder Gary Erikson during a 2008 employee campout  in Sierra, Nevada, these sweet n’ salty trail mix bars started life on a cookie sheet. Four years and much tinkering later, Erikson released this trio of yummy high fibre, low glycemic bars. Available in three yummy flavours, they’re crafted with great-tasting ingredients like almonds, dark chocolate chunks and decadent fruit such as deep red cherries. These are the perfect foil for your on-the go lifestyle.

Enjoy Clif Mojo bars in Coconut Almond Peanut, Dark Chocolate Almond Sea Salt (Truly To Die For), and Dark Chocolate Cherry Almond.

The Perks: 70% organic ingredients, gluten-free, 200 calories or less

BUY AT: Major retailers across Canada


Solo Gi Energy Bars2. THE SoLO Gi ENERGY & NUTRITION BAR ($2.49-$2.69)

Billed as a snack bar, these tasty babies are low GI and gluten-free. While they’re pretty sweet – with a more traditional energy bar texture- their unique recipe means that they’re still low on the glycemic index. All five flavours are high in fibre and protein and have been formulated to slow release carbs to help with those dastardly energy spike and crash cycles. SoLo Gi bars are just right if you’ve got a gluten sensivity or blood sugar issues, you’re an athlete looking for more energy (triathalon, anyone), or you just need to get through the day.

The Perks: The ONLY gluten free energy bar certified by the Canadian Celiac Association

BUY AT: Rexall, Longos, and Loblaws across Canada or Online at SoLo Gi . Use the code: SOLOBRAZEN for 20% off your purchase

The Simply Bar from Wellness Foods3. THE SIMPLY BAR ($2.49)

Simply Bars were created 11 years ago by Wellness Foods founder Cathy Richards to fulfill her need for a portable snack that would not upset her Celiac stomach. Her goal was to produce a product that was easy to digest, nourishing and filling, all with no artificial sweeteners or sugar alcohols. She hit treat-like protein gold with these bars. With their crispy rice texture, they taste more like candy bars than nutrition, and are high in fibre and protein and low in sugar and fat. Also dairy and gluten-free (they come in a soy-free version, too), these bars have mega taste for the least amount of calories of any protein bar on the market. In fact, A 160-calorie bar has 16 grams of protein, 9 grams of fibre and only one gram of sugar. Those are stats we’re thrilled to chow down on.

The Perks: A woman-owned company that produces low-calorie bars that taste great and have less sugar than protein and fibre

BUY AT: Buy Simply Bars right here by clicking on the flavour you love: Caramel Peanut, Cocoa Coffee, Lemon Coconut, or Peanut Butter Chocolate 

Also available at assorted retailers near you in Canada and the US 

Good news! We want you to try our favourite bars. You could win one of FOUR ENERGY BAR PRIZE PACKS from these featured brands!

Up for grabs:

1 x Wellness Foods prize pack with assorted products (valued at $75)

1 x Solo Gi prize pack with 2 of each flavour packed in a Solo Gi lunch bag (valued at $30)

2 x Clif MOJO prize packs containing two each of the three delicious flavours (valued at $12 each)





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