Fall shopping gives us the feels, and not just because it’s a great excuse (as if we need one) to buy another pair of boots. This is the time of year to restock, to fill some of the gaps in our closet with new, special items that will change our mood. Right about now, we are rocking the cape, that flattering new jacket that seems to work over any outfit, and feeling like Superwoman.

Are there other ways to use your wardrobe to create some happy?

Consider this: How you look informs how you feel. So step outside your box, and start dressing in a way that ups the feel-good factor. OK, we’re in. Now how do we do it? By asking Darren Mason, President and Co-Owner of Canadian womenswear luxury retailer Andrews for his top 5 “make me happy” cold weather fashion tips.

Suzi Roher Driving to Grandma’s Silk/Modal Scarf $295

1. Tie One On One thing every woman needs in her closet is a great scarf—or many of them. It is literally the perfect way to top off any outfit. Wear it with a blazer and tailored pants for a more office-appropriate look, or tie it in a cool knot with an LBD for the evening.

Scarves can change not just how you look but also how you feel. Think about it this way: They are not only wearable art but they are also great conversation pieces. Case in point: the artistic scarves from Suzi Roher, a Toronto designer who uses all of her own imagery from vacations or her old photo albums and transforms them into spectacular one-of-a-kind creations. (Suzi Roher Driving to Grandma’s Silk/Modal Scarf, $295)

How do you tie your scarf? We all know the traditional ways (wind up and go), but there’s actually an art to it. Check out this cool video from Wendy’s Look Book for 25 ways to wear a scarf so you can make the most out of one item, depending on the season and the look you want to achieve.

Tip: 25 cool ways to wear your scarf ->

5 Fashion Trends to Wear with Ease: Fringe

2. Go Back in Time There’s just something about wearing a cool, vintage look that makes us feel fabulous. This season, we’re happy to report that there are still so many throwbacks everywhere. From the 70s to the Victorian ages, we’re constantly inspired by element of fashion from the past. With that bohemian vibe still very much in play, you could call 2015 the year of the fringe, and we’re rocking it. Fringe is one fun, easy way to add spice to an outfit. You can pull off this look without much effort and still look put-together and sleek. What you don’t want to do is come off looking like you’re dressing for Halloween. Tip: Pick one trend to rock at a time. Translate: if you’re wearing a fringe top or dress, keep the accessories simple. (Portolano Suede fringe gloves $160)


5-Fab-Fashions-to-Take-You-From-Fall-to-Spring3. Enjoy Some Novelty Wearing boring black or grey all day, every day, can get you feeling, well, boring. Since we’re in our coats for so many months of the year, we’re getting into colour. Canadian designers have come up with great alternatives to the black coat, all of which will work wonders to cheer up your winter blues. Bonus: When you’re walking in the dreary weather, you’ll stand out from a crowd. So do yourself a favour, ditch the dark and choose a parka in a navy, icy blue, blush, camel, or even red. Looking for an investment coat, these brands might fit the bill. Toronto-based brand Smythe does structured jackets that are great for transitioning from fall to winter to spring. Check out their floral patterned opera coat, ankle length coat in a delicate beige or an oversized poncho in tweed with gold hardware. Mackage makes a beautiful robe coat in cool powder blue and Max Mara’s alpaca coat comes in rich tones of navy and bordeaux.

4. Go All Furry Oh, how wonderful we feel when fur is next to our skin. Lucky for us, this trend will be around for a while, and adding fur touches can really elevate an outfit. There are so many fur options out there that we can stay fashionable and warm at the same time. And it doesn’t have to be a full fur coat, either. The fur vest (real or faux) is ideal to throw on over a pair of jeans or a sweater dress, and will give your outfit a luxe touch. (If you’re looking for a high quality faux fur, check out Unreal Fur.) Other fur accessories to look out for are fur hats, scarves, and gloves.

Tip: Wear a fur scarf with dark denim, a simple blouse and great ankle booties for a simply chic look. (OUTFIT DETAILS: ADD Rounded hem zip down 3/4 coat $650; Furlux Knit fox hat $350)

5. Get Cool with Layers  5 Fab Fashions to Take You from Fall to Spring The best way to keep you happy is to make sure you’re comfortable in what you’re wearing. To do that, you need think about the most important dressing trick: layering. In every season, the temps vary during the day or even from morning to afternoon. Also, remember that no matter how cold it is outside, when you’re indoors, you don’t need to be all bundled up. The best part about layering is you can mix and match depending on your mood and get the most out of your wardrobe. The trick in any season is to keep the layers light enough that you don’t sweat during the day. One great layered look includes a lace tank beneath a blouse with a sweater on top. And here’s a must-have for layers: Definitely invest in a great leather jacket as it works for so many occasions and is warm without being bulky.

(OUTFIT DETAILS: Schyia Drum dyed zip leather moto jacket $850; Jocelyn Long hair rabbit vest; $775 Repeat Silk print shell $280; Paige Verdugo ultra skinny jean $280; Michael Stars Wool fedora with twisted suede band $115)


5 Fab Fashions That Will Take You From Fall Right Through WinterDarren Mason, President and Co-Owner of Canadian womenswear luxury retailer Andrews, has always lived and breathed fashion. Darren’s impressive industry expertise has played an integral role in Andrews’ quality display of top-line luxury goods that mixes the best of European and North American fashion, and is consistently evolving across all three store locations: Hazelton Lanes, Bayview Village, and Sherway Gardens. Darren can also be found working with Radiant Group Media, a digital start-up where Darren is the Director of Retail or collaborating with the Ryerson University DMZ (Digital Media Zone).

25 Ways to Tie a Scarf & Other Fashion Trends to Make You Happy

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