I’ll never forget the magic of discovering contact lenses. It was like being granted a Superpower. These brilliant little discs would let me see the world the way it looked to everyone else: clear. At 13, I decided I was done with plastic 80s frames for good. Until, that is, I backpacked through Europe and lost a lens somewhere on a Greek beach. Talk about horror.

Back then, contacts were a precious commodity. You had one pair, you cleaned them in burning solution overnight, and you wore them whether they hurt or not. And if you lost one, you’d need a replacement sent from overseas. By mail.

Now unless you’ve been wearing contact lenses as long as I have, you may not realize just how far they’ve come. These days, I pop them in first thing, and if not for being able to see, I can’t even tell they’re in my eyes. At night, I toss them out and start over the next day. Can contact lenses get any better? The answer is yes, they can, and they have—thanks to the new Dailies Total1 Multifocal Lens by Alcon.

Nowadays, you don’t have to be blind to wear contacts. Maybe you’re just getting older and your closeup vision is blurry. Or maybe, like me, you’re both near and farsighted and you want a single pair of lenses to get you through the day, whether that’s working on your computer, driving, reading a menu, or whatever else requires your focus.

That’s where the new Alcon multifocal contact lenses come in. Our eye expert, Dr. Michael Kaplan from the Eye Care Clinic, explains.

Why We Love Alcon’s Dailies Total1 Multifocal Contact Lenses

What are the new Alcon multifocal lenses?

Over 40: How to Get 20-20 Vision Without Reading GlassesThe new Dailies Total1 multifocal lens combines Alcon’s unique Water Gradient technology and their Precision Profile design to produce a lens that not only provides excellent vision but incredible comfort as well. The material has 33% water in the lens core and gradually increases its water content to almost 100% at the very surface of the lens. That means the lens is enveloped in a layer of water.

The lens produces 2 images, one distance and one near image, and the brain does some gymnastics to determine which image to look at. The less you think about it, the quicker you get used to it.

What makes multifocal contact lenses groundbreaking?

The most common reasons for discontinuing contact lens wear is discomfort and poor vision. Alcon’s scientists tackled these issues and came up with a new material and surface design to maximize comfort and oxygen transmission through the lens and an optical design that gives seamless vision from distance to intermediate to near.

How can tOver 40: How to Get 20-20 Vision Without Reading Glasseshese lenses change lives for women as they age?

These lenses may make you feel and look younger. As we reach the age of 40-45, we lose the ability to focus close up, otherwise known as Presbyopia. Who wants to perch those readers at the end of your nose like Grandma? Or worse, use a phone flashlight to read a menu in a classy restaurant?

These are age giveaways like no other. At the same time, squinting can lead to developing those dreaded crow’s feet that women try hard to stave off. What if you didn’t have to go through all the trouble and could just see up close?

Who is a candidate for the new multifocal lenses?

These lenses are for people who are presbyopic and are nearsighted or farsighted. Those who have dropped out of contact lens wear due to discomfort and/or poor vision may be successful with this new lens as well. Those people who think that “their arms are getting shorter” or that companies are making the print on products smaller and smaller will definitely benefit from Dailies Total1.

How do you wear them?

This lens is for every occasion and can mostly be worn a full day, which is 12-18 hours. As daily lenses, they are designed to be thrown away after one use, making them ideal and very convenient in our busy lives. Absolutely no cleaning or maintenance involved. That means no burning solutions and no worry if one is lost. You couldn’t ask for anything easier!

Any other important info we need to know before trying them?

It is important to have a thorough eye examination to determine the current prescription and the health of your eyes before starting the fitting process.

Availability: You can find the new Daily Total 1 multifocal lens at your optometrist’s office. Do it. Do it today!

This post was generously sponsored by Alcon Canada. All tips and opinions are our own. 



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