Whether you’ve got a man by your side or are happily embracing singledom, we can all appreciate the romance in a good old fashioned onscreen kiss. Slow and lingering or fast and hard, we love getting lost in lips that are larger than life. The best movie kisses are a thing of beauty, and we remember them long after the lights go on.

From the first tentative kisses in Pretty in Pink and Some Kind of Wonderful to the This-Is-Why-Vampires-Are-Hot  lip lock in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, kisses are all over the map. Some are old school Hollywood romance, some are superheroes putting it out to make our knees weak, and some, well, just dial up our senses in all the right ways.

Which is the best movie kiss of all time and why?


Casablanca – Rick and Ila

Bogey and Bacall = relationship goals

Casablanca kiss








Pretty in Pink – Andie and Blaine

Ah young love.

pretty in pink







Buffy the Vampire Slayer – Buffy and Spike 

A vampire and a vampire slayer: a match made in hell.

buffy spike kiss







The Office – Jim and Pam

Jim and Pam forever and ever!!!

Jim Pam The Office







Some Kind of Wonderful – Keith and Watts

When you kiss your BFF and it is so good.

Some Kind of Wonderful




Crimson Peak – Thomas and Edith

Well, well, well. The Englishman knows a bit of French. Kissing that is.

Crimson Peak






Spiderman – Spiderman and Mary Jane

Not all spiders are icky that’s for damn sure.

Spirderman Upside Down Kiss


The Vow – Leo and Paige

Let’s just appreciate the gift that is Channing Tatum.

the vow









The Vampire Diaries – Damon and anyone

Damon Salvatore has The. Perfect. Mouth.

Damon Salvatore







Captain America The First Avenger – Cap and Peggy

A love that was never meant to be *sniff*

Captain America





New Girl – Nick and Jess

First kisses are still the best.




Friends – Rachel and Ross

From friends to lovers. He’s her lobster.



The Princess Bride – Wesley and Buttercup

The sweetest fairy tale kiss of all time. As you wish.

The Princess Bride


Sweet Home Alabama – Jake and Melanie

The hottest kisses happen when wet.

Sweet Home Alabama

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