Remember when you’d pick a bra off a rack and buy it because it was pretty? Or pretty cheap? It shouldn’t come as a shock when just a month later, your top half is all askew. Somehow that lovely little bra you scored (sheesh, you can’t even see the lace under your shirt, anyway) stopped supporting you way too soon, leaving the girls, um, hanging. Best Breasts: 10 Things You Learn at a Bra Fitting Well, before you sob at your sagging reflection, there is help—in the form of an expert bra fitting, where you’ll learn a lot about your bod and making it look its best.

For one, there are goals when it comes to buying bras. Such as lift and support and using any possible means to look like you’ve shed some weight without making you actually shed some weight. And of course, showing off your boobs the way God meant for you to. So don’t go it alone anymore. Here are 10 reasons to get help when bra shopping, courtesy of Melmira, our resident bra experts.


1. Bra fitting is a science.

The old fashioned tape measure method makes no sense  because it defines a woman by a size. To be a bra expert means you understand and can explain the way a bra fits, know different fabrics and bra styles and what they do for a woman’s body, and understand the designers and inventory available. That’s how you make sure you choose one that not only fits but suits your body, taste and lifestyle.

2. The size range is huge. 

Nowadays, bra sizes range from 28AA to 52H. Yes, you read that right. And not all bras subscribe to the same sizing chart. Talk about overwhelming. During your bra fitting, the expert will be able tell which size is yours.

3. There are bra myths.

The three common misconceptions women have about bras are:

  • That they can only wear one particular size
  • That there is one perfect bra for every day and every outfit. Want to know which bra to wear with which top?
  • That investing in a good quality, more expensive bra is a luxury. Really, if you find quality and fit, you save money as you look better, feel better, and the bra lasts longest.

4. There are solutions to bra problems.

Here are the biggest complaints among big-breasted women shopping for bras and how to fix them:

  • Indents in shoulders. FIX: You need better support in the band and cup.
  • Bra rides up in back, causing your breasts to sag. FIX: You need a smaller band and a bigger cup and to keep straps nice and comfortable and not tight.
  • Straps fall off shoulders. FIX: You need a more centre lift which is also more supportive.

5. Underwire may not be necessary.

An underwire gives you more support with less fabric. It should be be more comfortable, but it’s not for everyone.

6. The back band should not ride up.

If the bra is riding up in back, you’re wearing the wrong size. What you’ve done is go up in the back when you should’ve gone up in cup size. Now the back rides up, and the front falls down, causing you to tighten the straps. The problem now is that the bra is anchored under the breast (bc of the wire and the weight) so the back rides of higher, and it becomes a vicious cycle. Bras stretch. So buy yours to fit comfortably snug on the loosest hook, and tighten as needed.

7. Some bras squash you.

Quadra boobs is never a good look. To avoid it, go up in the cup, and down in the rib cage. It is also a question of support coming from the gore—the center of the cup between the breasts. A lower plunge gives you less support, and the breasts will sit more “east-west” for that quadra boob look.

8. You need to do the bra test.

A fitted white t-shirt is a good test of shape. For your fitting, bring along When you are being fit, bring along a few tops or dresses to help you visualize bra differences. A good fitted bra should feel comfortable, lift the bust and define the waist—making you look longer and taller and making you feel lighter.

9. You need more than one.

There are many different bras that define a wardrobe, so it’s important to be fitted not only for a “basic”, but for all kinds of different shapes that can work under your clothing. A good analogy is that you wouldn’t wear the same shoes with every outfit. Different bras can fit slightly differently, and offer different effects, depending on what you’re wearing.

10. You want it to last.

If you wear your bra almost every day, it should last a year or so. When the bra starts to ride up the back and the cup doesn’t seem to support or conform to the body, it’s ready to be replaced. The more you rotate your bras, the longer they will last. And if you wash them every 2-3 wears in a gentle detergent made especially for lingerie, such as Forever New, they won’t stretch out.

Book your free bra fitting appointment at Melmira Bra & Swimsuits, where the experts will fit you for bras you’ll love to wear. 

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