While so many get excited for the approach of Christmas and all the seasonal hooplah it brings, we skin care experts know that with the cold, we are in for some tight, dehydrated, flaky skin. The heat from the furnace makes my face feel like a prune, and the wind turns it red and irritated. Let’s face it, the natural glow of the season sure doesn’t bring a natural glow to our skin! So we have to help it along. No matter what your age, every woman dreams of having flawless skin all year round (well ok, throughout her entire life). So here are a few tips to help your skin feel fresh and dewy throughout the harsh winter months.

10 Ways to Revive Your Dry Winter Skin

Water Is Your Best Friend.
The healthiest, youngest looking skin is hydrated, and using top quality creams is not enough. You have to hydrate from the inside out, by drinking at least three large glasses of water per day.
Scrub Like Mad.
Dead cell build-up can cause skin to look dull.  Exfoliating every three days will remove dead skin cells, causing your face to look brighter.  Also, to maintain a healthy skin opt for the red light therapy benefits, as during winter season, your skin does not get enough light that it requires, and this can cause severe dullness. Treatment products such as serums and specialty creams will also be better absorbed if they don’t have to fight through layers of dead skin.
Moisturize Before Makeup.
Since makeup can clog pores, apply moisturizer as a barrier 10-15 minutes before makeup. You’ll notice that your makeup will look smoother and more even on your skin rather than just sitting in fine lines and wrinkles.
Always Use SPF – even in winter.
Sun is our skin’s frenemy. While it’s our best source of Vitamin D, too much can cause damage.  Remember that even in the winter when we think the sun is not strong, we still need protection from harmful rays. Your best bet is to go for a sunscreen with high SPF – at least 30.
Eat and Snack Right. 
To function optimally, our bodies – and skin – need proper nutrients from all different food groups. Can’t get enough nutrients through diet alone? Make sure you take a daily multi-vitamin.
Get Moving.
Exercise helps slow the aging process of the entire body, while at the same time bringing oxygen to the skin causing it to look brighter and healthier.  It also increases circulation, improves your appearance and gives you better self-esteem.
Butt out.  
We all know that smoking causes health problems but it’s easy to forget that it also makes skin look old and leathery. That’s because it robs the skin of oxygen, decreases blood circulation and increases toxins in the body.
Avoid Stress.
It may be hard to stay away from, so breathe yourself through stressful situations. Keep in mind that stress affects skin just as it does all other body parts. And when you’re down, the last thing you want is breakouts.
Hands Off!
There’s nothing more tempting to touch than a blackhead or a pimple that’s screaming to be cleaned out – especially since you’re not a teenager anymore. But do yourself a favor, and hold back. Messing around with pimples and clogged pores can cause scarring and can also spread the bacteria to other parts of your face causing more breakouts.
Get Beauty Sleep.
Rest is so important. Get too little, and you can end up suffering with premature aging, health problems and emotional stress. Get enough and every part of you will feel renewed – including your skin. Treating your skin to some extra love and care will get you through the holiday season looking fresh and feeling fresher.

About the author

Rachel Devine

Rachel Devine is an award-winning Aesthetician & Makeup Artist and is the owner of Aesthetics by Rachel, in Hamilton, Ontario. Rachel is also the founder and formulator of R Devine Skin Care, a professional, truly natural and organic, hand-crafted skin care line.

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