Holy Superhero. With the smashing success of Deadpool, the fan-approved Batman vs Superman and the upcoming Marvel domination at the box office with Captain America: Civil War and Dr. Strange, we’ve turned into true fangirls. We sure do love us some action aka muscles in tights. But this summer, there’s tons of variety in film—enough to satisfy every female fancy, even without men in capes.

Gearing up to sit in the dark when the temps are high? Here are our top 10 picks for the summer of 2016, coming soon to a theatre near you.


Money MonsterMoney Monster  

Opens: May 13

Give us the promise of Mr. George Clooney, and we’ll be waiting in line. (Unless, of course, it’s him in Tomorrowland. Um, nope.) Money Monster is on our list for many reasons. Directed by Jodie Foster(!) and pairing up Clooney with Julia Roberts(!!!!) in a thriller about a hostage taking in a TV studio. Cool all round.

High RiseHigh Rise

Opens: May 13

Ah, the 1970s. It was an easier time of life and we’d love to go back and experience it all. The music. The fashion. The era of free love. Tom Hiddleston bares nearly all as a new neighbour in a high rise who, on the surface at least, seems to have everything anybody could want. Until power outages start and a social hierarchy forms and the residents descend into chaos.

Love and FriendshipLove and Friendship

Opens: May 13

Period pieces are never more believable as when they’re populated with those sophisticated English accents. Oh British society in the late 1800s, why do we find you so fascinating? Maybe it’s that proper behaviour that clashes with forbidden love. In a fun soapy twist, a widow tries to find a husband for herself AND her daughter. Hmmmm, this will not go well.

me before youMe Before You

Opens: June 3

Every woman everywhere loves a great sob-fest. Chances are, you’ve already blubbered through the book, and now you can see it all unfold on the big screen. He had it all: the job, the cash, the looks, the success—until the second he was paralyzed in an accident. She is a bubbly young woman who becomes his caregiver. Their unlikely bond is tested when she finds out that he is making plans to end his life.

legend of tarzanLegend of Tarzan

Opens: July 1

In this modern day take on the classic story, Tarzan has adapted to his life in London after leaving the jungles of Africa. He and his wife Jane are invited back to the Congo where they becomes pawns in a game of greed and revenge. Best part: Jane is no wilting flower in need of rescuing. In fact, she’s as brazen as they come. And Alexander Skarsgard is shirtless. A lot.


Opens: July 15

This familiar reboot is a gender-flipped remake of the 1980s classic. The Ghostbusters are all played by hilarious women (Melissa McCarthy and Kristen Wiig, no less). And get this: The geeky receptionist, once played by Annie Potts, has been replaced by the hunky Chris Hemsworth. Could this be the beginning of a series of remakes where women usurp the leading roles? Let’s hope.

absolutely fabulousAbsolutely Fabulous

Opens: July 22

This champagne-fueled British romp is the perfect girls’ night out event. Edina and Patsy are used to living the trendy high life until they become mixed up in a media frenzy. Penniless, they head to the French Riviera where they concoct a devious plan to continue their high living ways forever.

bad momsBad Moms

Opens: July 29

Three overworked, underappreciated mothers start to behave very un-Mom-like in their desperate search for some freedom from everyday responsibilities. One problem, though. The Head of the PTA and her squad of perfect moms try to get in their way and ruin all the fun.

southside with youSouthside With You

Opens: August 19

And here we are, revisiting the summer of 1989. Do you remember what you were doing back then? Not so much. Turns out a now-famous couple was heading out on their first date and even playing a little kissyface. Wondering who? This dramedy tells the love story of none other than Barack and Michelle Obama. TMI? Or interesting?

light between oceansThe Light Between Oceans

Opens: Sept 2

When a baby girl washes up on shore in a lifeboat, a lighthouse keeper and his wife raise the child as their own. As time goes on, they face consequences of their actions when they meet a woman who lost a baby at sea around the same time their daughter came into their lives. Freaky stuff.




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