You’ve been working out. A lot. Almost every day. You spend at least 90 minutes at the gym – cardio, weights, maybe some change room gossip but you’re not seeing any changes. You’re not getting fitter, nor stronger. In fact, you have a sneaking suspicion you’ve gained a few. And they’re not muscles. Finally, you take the plunge and hire one of the buff-looking trainers at the gym. At the very least, the eye candy will keep you motivated.

After one session, though, you can barely walk. You’re dreading the second, but you show up. Then the third and then, by four weeks in, the work magically starts to get easier. Then it happens. Your husband gives your butt a squeeze and and mutters, Hmmm…firm. And you know your investment is paying off. (If your trainer is a dud, though, here’s how you know it’s time to dump his butt.)

The bottom line is, personal trainers are worth every penny. Here’s why.


You learn how to do it right.

You thought you knew what you were doing when you touched your toes, but you didn’t. Exercise is a science. That’s why people go to school for it. Your trainer will help you with your form and design a program that is productive, efficient, and functional.

You get support through those first few weeks.

When you’re sore and it’s hard and it hurts, you want to stop. A good trainer understands the pain it takes to get in shape and eases you through it – and knows how to baby you while being tough at the same time.

They don’t listen to your BS.

You’re basically paying your trainer to be mean to you. They’re not interested in excuses about why you can’t perform. They will tell it like it is, and you’ll have not choice but to listen – unless you want to waste time and cash. Warning: If you’re gaining weight, you’ll have to keep a food journal. Writing down that you had poutine and four glasses of wine for dinner is oddly humbling.

You’ll see results faster.

Certified trainers went to school and understand the mechanics of fitness. This is all they do all day. They’ll take time to know your body and what makes it tick so they can focus on its strengths and weaknesses and help you understand what it needs to do to change.

You have an appointment so you have to go.

Your sofa will always be a lot more attractive than a squat rack. But when you have a standing appointment and you are PAYING someone to be there waiting for you, you have to show up.

You’re PAYING for it.

Dollars are the great motivator. Training is expensive. Worth it, but expensive. You’re going to want to get your money’s worth, and to do that, you have to work hard and max out every second of your session.

They push you.

A trainer doesn’t have no or I can’t do it in their vocabulary. If you wimp out, they’ll just make you do it again. You may even muster up one extra – just so you can show them.

They challenge you to do crazy things.

A good trainer isn’t satisfied with machines and bicep curls, which you can do on your own. Their job is to provide you with new exercises that require supervision (and/or coercion). You might feel like running for the door, but you’ll probably try what they throw at you. The sense of accomplishment when you overcome your own internal barriers is astounding.

They make it fun.

If you can find a trainer that you click with, working out can be fun, even if you are sweating. Who doesn’t like to do fun things?

They force you to improve.

On your own, you may not fatigue your muscles enough. If an exercise is too easy, a trainer will make it harder, which will help you to progress and move to the next level. Then when you’re doing regular exercise, like hauling groceries or riding your bike, movements feel easy. 10 Reasons Why Everyone Needs  a Personal Trainer Poster

Have you hired a personal trainer? Why not?

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