You’ve got a man in your life and you pretty much share everything: a bed, a shower, a fridge, toothpaste. There’s nothing that’s taboo because hey, sharing is caring, right? I mean, how can you consider yourself in love if you’re not open with each other? Yeah, bullshit. Once the honeymoon is over, or maybe even before it starts, you’ve got secrets. And that’s normal.

No matter how close you are to your partner, it’s impossible to be together, or catch each other up on, every second of every day. And really, who wants to? Go ahead and insist you’ve got nothing to hide, but we don’t believe in sharing absolutely everything. There have to be teeny-tiny secrets between you, some things you hold back.

Come on, now. We won’t tell.

So: What do you hide from your partner?

It’s an honest question that deserves an honest answer, so it’s no wonder that when we posted it in our Brazen Insiders group on Facebook, we got lots of responses—maybe even more than we expected. Under the promise of anonymity, we asked, and we’re thankful that you answered. So now we’re sharing the results. Or the top 10 top-secret secrets, anyway.

THE TOP 10 SECRETS WE HIDE FROM OUR MEN Sssshhhh: The 10 Secrets We Hide from Our Men


Nothing destroys a shopping high like a pissed off spouse. Because hey, shopping regret sucks. We’re revelling in our best purchases just as long as we possibly can. That’s why this one is the top secret.

  • I may not disclose *all* my purchases.
  • I hide shopping in my car.
  • Shopping for me, or if it’s not possible I have been known to move the decimal point over and suddenly the price is really not all that bad.
  • Shopping bills. Not because he begrudges the clothing etc, it’s just that he really has no clue what it costs and the one time I told him he blew sky high.
  • Half of my shopping.

2. SEX

We’re not surprised this one makes the list (doesn’t it make every list?). But we’re also a bit bummed. Crack open the vault and let him know what you want! Orgasms are worth the effort.

  • I hide my preferences sometimes, my likes and dislikes.
  • Sexual fantasies.


Yeah, duh.

  • I hide the credit card balance. Shhhhhhh…
  • I keep the budget hidden so when there’s a parking ticket, I say I took extra cash for the kids. I’m going to hell.


The 1-year rule on clothes you don’t wear should apply to his closet, too, right?

  • I hide his ratty clothes he’s kept from high school for a year. If he hasn’t asked for them by then, they’re gone!


What he doesn’t smell won’t bother him.

  • He gets upset if I forget to take the garbage out so I started taking a bag to my sister’s and hiding it in her garage.
  • I toss out old food before he sees it’s past the expiry date.



  • I hide parking tickets because I’m the ticket queen. Busted when I drive his car, though, and the summons comes addressed to him.
  • I hid a scratch on the car once. I’m famous for my driving mishaps. One time it was a small crease I was able to buff out and parked the car so he only saw the other side for a long time. When he finally noticed it, I acted shocked.


Aw, this one breaks our hearts. Maybe he’s never tasted Prosecco?

  • I hide if I’ve had a glass of wine because he can’t stand drinking.



  • It’s my own indulgence and it’s a covert operation. The key is the colour. If I keep it the same, no one notices.


Seriously? Why should he care?

  • I hide books, especially ebooks he can’t find. On vacation, I read one a day.
  • My book and fabric purchases. I read and sew a LOT!


  • If it isn’t about him, no use in saying anything, right?

So? What do you hide from your partner? And how do you feel about it?

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