What makes you think understated elegance, the kind that never seems to go out of style? Wedding photos of Mom, a silk blouse that dresses you up instantly, a hairstyle that just shakes into place—oh, and a strand of lovely pearls. What makes these precious gemstones so classic, anyway?

Pearls have always been considered an old-fashioned gem but at the same time, they are constantly being updated for the modern woman. No longer relegated to your Granny’s jewellery box, today’s pearls are fashion pieces that often replace diamonds as a girl’s best friend.

10 Pearl Fashion Trends We Know You’ll LoveJust check out the celebrities and you’ll see what we mean. Scarlett Johansson, Angelina Jolie, Keira Knightly, Katy Perry—they have found cool ways to pair their gems with new trends to create modern vintage looks.

Other glamor queens will never give up the classic look. Think Kate Middleton, who doesn’t go anywhere important without her elegant pearl drop earrings. Or how about Michelle Obama, who proudly sports her  double-strand pearl necklace. Or Sarah Jessica Parker, who is the queen of swinging pearls as an outfit accessory.

10 Pearl Fashion Trends for the Modern Woman

Thinking of buying some pearls for yourself or for someone you love and appreciate? Get ready to give your wardrobe that added touch of glam. Here are 10 ways to use pearl fashion trends to keep you in high style.

1. More is Better

Wearing multiple strands of pearl necklaces at one time is a hot pearl fashion trend. Your look can go from modest and shy, to dramatic and dangerous just by layering on the pearls. There’s nothing sassier than a cascade of pearls swinging over a skin as you sport a low-cut or back-out dress. The trick is to mix it up. Use different strand lengths and pearl sizes for a more dramatic effect.

2. Go Colour Crazy

Traditionally, when consumers think of pearls, the white ones come to mind. But, freshwater pearls come in some amazing, natural pastel colours, ranging from lavender to peach to pink. Wear them in multi-strands with a large, shiny clasp to clamp them together in style.

3. Let Them Dangle

No longer are pearl earrings a representation of the shy and innocent. Swinging pearl earrings and chandelier styles can be both sexy and hot. Pearl earrings that sweep the shoulder make the woman wearing them feel oh so glamorous.

4. Black Pearls Rock

Tahitian pearls have amazing beauty and lustre. They are also the only natural black pearls in the world. These pearls give you a feeling of richness, as many call Tahitian pearls the diamonds of the pearl kingdom.

5. Shake Those Bangles

Bracelet lovers tend to love to shake their wrists to the sound of bangles jingling. Pearl bracelets and bangles are quickly becoming one of the popular pearl fashion trends of the year.

6. Lariat Pearl Necklaces

What is a pearl lariat? It’s a pearl necklace that’s “open” so it can be worn just like a scarf. These chic pearl necklaces add a touch of sophistication to just about any look. From long gold necklaces with Tahitian pearls affixed to the end, to long pearl strands that can be tied just like a necktie… there’s a style that’s right for you.

7. Pearls on Shoes

A pearl of leather boots or satin heels with pearls attached can transform your simple little black dress look into night out on the town attire. Gucci sells such shoes, preferring to place the pearls on the heels of the shoes or boots. They can be worn with maxi skirts, jeans or just about anything you like.

8. Pearls on Dresses & Skirts

Pearls have a way of making your outfit look dazzling. Skirts and dresses embellished with pearls make you feel self-pampered. Try to wear shirts and tops that actually contrast with the pearls, so they stand out more.

9. Pearls on Jackets, Blouses and Shirts

Pearls make certain material and clothing look elegant and chic. Leather, chiffon and silk are easily transformed into inspiring garments for the glamorous. Add pearls to a sheer blouse for a sexy, romantic look.

10. Pearls on Denim

Jeans and pearls? Odd as it may sound, the two work together to create a cool ensemble. Attach pearls to your denim jeans, jacket, purse, etc. This is a modern spin on the age-old classic denim, making the list of popular pearl fashion trends.

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