What do we love more than celebrities? How about sexy star couples that make you believe in destiny? You know the ones. There they go, hand in hand, striding the streets of Manhattan with their coffees and dogs, looking oh so comfortably in love. These two just seem to fit. They are the couples we swear will beat the odds. Until they don’t.    Of course, like the rest of us, our favourite pairs all had their ups and downs (except theirs made headlines), but we were still right there rooting for them and felt the shock when they parted ways. In our opinion, these 10 celeb matches should have made it to forever – and somehow, they still hold a special place. Any bets on which ones will find each other again?

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Jenn Perry

Wife, WAHM, blogger and social media addict, Jenn is always on the up & up and loves a juicy story. WIth a passion for making positive changes and a willingness to try just about anything twice, her honest, tell-all style may just have you laughing and cringing all at once.

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