When entering the gym or yoga studio, you need to come prepared. These days, great shoes, sweatbands and your favourite lulus are not enough to get you through your workout. You need the right accessories


We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again. Hydration is the key, well, to everything. But who likes to chug lukewarm water when they’re ready to internally – or externally – combust?

Namaka Water Bottles

There’s nothing worse than filling your water bottle with ice, only to find it warm halfway through your hot yoga class or power lifting session. You may as well ditch those old bottles now that Namaka is on the fitness scene.

namakaNamaka, aka The Hawaiian Goddess of Water, is a new line of premium insulated bottles that’s ideal for your workout. Using the latest, most advanced vacuum insulated technology, the flasks have a double-walled design to seal in temperature. You can fill your water the night before because all cold liquids stay that way for a full 24 hours. Oh, and if you can’t drink your coffee right away, no worries. Hot liquids maintain their heat for 12 hours, too. And hot or cold, the outside of the flask stays comfortable to hold.

namaka flask purpleBecause Namaka flasks are made with food grade stainless steel, feel free to use your flask again and again for different drinks because they won’t absorb odours, tastes or bacteria. With no pesky liners, they are easy to clean and completely recyclable and BPA-free.

The best part: There’s a whole line of funky accessories that are really smart. You can use your flask so many ways, just by changing the lid. With just a quick click, you can replace your straw lid with a coffee lid, or maybe you just prefer the standard mouth sports cap.

namaka3Of course, looking good is (almost) everything, so get ready to choose from an array of hot colours, including Pink Panic, Neon Green and Bumblebee Yellow, each with a chip-resistant powder coated finish. Sizes (6 of them!) range from 12 – 40 oz. ($27.99-$40.00), depending just how much you think you’ll sweat.


This soft and super-absorbent towel is a must for any modern yogi. Anything that dries fast is ideal for hot yoga and let’s face it, no one wants to slip around on a sweaty mat (ewwwwwwww).
This towel may look small, but it’s mighty. It’s got everything you’ll need to get you through class, including skidless technology for non-slip performance, and 100% silicone nubs to grip and keep the towel in place on your mat, floor, or carpet. This towel is super grippy and it’s cute, too. Plus, it’s priced at just $20, which is almost low enough to shock us out of our zen.
Choose from three colours: Blue, Orange, or Pink. Or better yet, at this price, just buy them all.
These two items are worthy of the most advanced downward dogg-er and every other pose you’ve perfected. Yes, we do believe that you deserve these perks to take your fitness to the next level. Namaste.

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