What really makes the holiday season special is the spirit of giving. And we do it by recognizing and supporting causes that are close to our heart. As always, organizations that work to better the lives of women are at the top of our list. After all, our tag line at Brazen Woman is Your Life. Your Way. 

That’s why we’re cluing you in to share and give and win with us. Again this year, WINNERS and HomeSense are doing their part with a brand new product line in support of the Canadian Women’s Foundation. Not only are the products in this line unique, gorgeous, and the must-haves of the season, but they also help raise money for this important organization.

Shop for Gen1 2016 Collection at Winners and HomeSense

This season’s Canadian Women’s Foundation Shop for GEN1 collection is no different. Launched, in partnership with WINNERS and HomeSense on November 24, the line has everything you need for holiday entertaining—from gift wrap to glamourous festive tableware you and your guests with love. 

WHAT IS Shop for GEN1?

Shop for GEN1 is a fundraising campaign supporting the Canadian Women’s Foundation’s violence prevention programs. WINNERS and HomeSense stores participate in fundraising by selling specially marked Shop for GEN1 products in stores across Canada.

Shop for Gen1 2016 Collection at Winners and HomeSense


We know it’s hard to believe, but 100% of the net proceeds of the Shop for Gen1 product lines goes to building the first generation in Canada to experience real gender equality. In fact, your purchases support over 450 shelters and community programs across Canada that help break the cycle of violence—for good.

Shop for Gen1 2016 Collection at Winners and HomeSenseHOW DOES THE CANADIAN WOMEN’S FOUNDATION HELP WOMEN?

The Canadian Women’s Foundation helps women to escape violence by funding women’s shelters across Canada, programs that help women to rebuild their lives, and violence prevention programs that help to stop the violence—for good.

Funds raised through Shop for GEN1 are invested in emergency shelters and programs that help women rebuild their lives after abuse, as well as prevention programs that teach young people how to stop the cycle. In addition to funding front-line programs, the Canadian Women’s Foundation also speaks out on issues related to violence against women, researches and shares the best ways to address the root causes of violence against women, and builds the capacity of community organizations to help.

The product line is beautifully priced and no item is over $12.99.

Grab some product and then take the pledge, donate or share the word about Shop for Gen1 at gen1.ca.

Shop for Gen1 2016 Collection at Winners and HomeSenseWant to win yourself the whole collection valued at $110? Enter to win below!

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  • Brenda Lacourciere

    I would love to win. thanks

  • Francine F.

    entry form not showing up here 🙁

  • annet

    The party hats are adorable!

  • sibley_h

    I love the decorative fans

  • jemrah

    I adore the napkins and the straws !

  • Jenness M

    I love the napkins and wine boxes!

  • archy0050

    I love the cards!

  • Nicolthe pickle

    I like the small gift bags with the gold polka dots.

  • kathy downey

    My favourite piece from the line is the napkins

  • Erinn Lishman

    I am LOVING those party hats! They would be a huge hit in our home- my girls would wear them all the time!

  • Erinn Lishman
  • Darlene Schuller

    I just love the Holiday Wrap set!

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    I like the gift bags

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    The wine box is fun

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    The party hats

  • I adore straws and napkins ( cuz I use them to create fun things) This line has great straws and fun napkins

  • angela mitchell

    I love the napkins, cute and pretty stuff this year!

  • fossie55

    I like the gift bags.
    Florence Cochrane

  • Jeannie

    I love the party hats.

  • ivy pluchinsky

    I love the party hats, how cool are they!

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    I like the gift bags

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    My fave is the gift bags 🙂

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    I like the gift bags.

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    I love the wine boxes.

  • I really like the gift bags and wrap set! I love the bold colours.

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    I love the gift bags. I’m a hopeless (read lazy) wrapper. But even I can make a present look respectable with a nice gift bag.

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    Wine boxes. Always in need! They’re pretty & useful.

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    always loved the gift bags so handy to have them

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    My fav are the wine boxes.

  • Brenda Lacourciere

    I like the paper cups that say clink

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    The gift bags ..so funky!

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