Got your list for Santa all ready? Time to add one more: A Christmas tree delivered to your door!

Happy Holidays: WIN a Very Brazen Christmas TreeYes, you read that right. This year, you don’t need to drag your honey out to haul home the tree you freeze your buns off choosing. In fact, you can leave him and his muscles right there on the couch where he is. This year, we are all about convenience. You know, the fun way to shop—online, from the comfort of your own cozy home.

Christmas Tree Home Delivery is Here!

In case you missed the news, Torontonians can now have their Christmas trees delivered to their doors along with their holiday cooking, baking and entertaining essentials, all thanks to Instabuggy, Toronto’s speediest grocery delivery app and online service. Now that’s convenient.

Been too busy to go out and get your tree? No worries. This holiday season, Instabuggy has partnered with Toronto’s Beech Nursery to offer three types of Christmas trees that will be wrapped and delivered to your door through December 22.

Happy Holidays: WIN a Very Brazen Christmas TreeAll you do is choose and order your tree here and Instabuggy takes care of the rest.

Instabuggy Christmas Tree Delivery Choices

Ready to pick your tree? Balsam Fir, Fraser Fir and Pine trees are available in a variety of sizes, depending on your space:

Balsam Fir

  • 6-8 feet – $59.95
  • 8-10 feet – $99.95
  • 10-12 feet – $149.95

Fraser Fir

  • 2.5-4 feet – $34.95 (Condo size)
  • 4-6 feet – $44.95
  • 6-8 feet – $59.95
Scotch Pine
    • 5.5 – 7 feet – $49.95

Tree delivery is $9.99 if you live between St. Clair, Coxwell, Lakeshore and Dufferin (extended area delivery is $19.99) and tree delivery is available on Wednesdays and Saturdays between 8 am and 5 pm.

And there are more holiday treats to be had…

With Instabuggy, Torontonians can also order homemade turkey dinners like this one with white and dark meat, apple and onion sage stuffing, french green beans, maple roasted butternut squash, and buttermilk mashed potatoes from Summerhill Market. YUM.

What are you waiting for? Order your Xmas Tree today. Or better yet, enter our contest below! One lucky Brazen Woman will win a full-sized Balsam Fir, Fraser Fir, or Scotch Pine Christmas tree (depending on availability). Happy Holidays!

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  • Kelly D

    My most treasured holiday tradition is Christmas Eve unwrapping one gift

  • Debbie Starkey

    love the baking christmas cookies

  • Katie Coupland

    Baking and decorating sugar cookies!

  • Allie Futterer

    Decorating the Christmas tree!

  • Tina F

    My most treasured holiday tradition has been in our family for over 50 years. The WHOLE family used to get together at my Nannies house for Cjristmas morning open the gifts then have breakfast. It has been passed onto my Mom 10 years ago and we all go to my moms and open the gifts and have breakfast. This tradition I never want to loose.

  • Natalie

    aww, I wish this was in Vancouver!!!!

  • Cheryl

    Mine is Christmas Eve gatherings at our house with the whole family 🙂

  • Corkrose

    It is Santa leaving pjs for the kids on Christmas Eve on his way to Ireland to drop gifts to cousins before coming back to Canada. That story started 30 plus years ago and stillnpjs appear on Christmas Eve for whoever is in the house!

  • Carol

    My family holiday tradition is to have breakfast while listening to Christmas music, then opening my gift.

  • Joanne Saunders

    Decorating the tree with the family

  • Janet Meisner

    We love to read Christmas stories on Christmas Eve and open one present each.

  • doreen lamoureux

    Just having all our sons home…. so…. this year I will be a little sad because it will not happen this year. 🙁

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