Call us hedonists but the second that Halloween candy hits the store shelves, we’re goners. Gimme that lil’ treat. Actually, gimme 50 of ’em. We’re not sorry, either, even though our butts are clearly getting way too much trick or treat love. Chocolate is way up there on our list of pleasures, along with sex, shopping, movies, and of course, wine. Well, not every party needs a pooper, people, and no matter what anyone says, we won’t be denied. Now for the real conundrum, and yes, we are asking this question with a straight face: WHAT DO I DRINK WITH MY CANDY? Wine, anyone?

The app that pairs halloween candy with wineStop looking at us that way. It’s the nature of addiction to get looped in a vicious cycle. All this sugary greatness makes you parched and then you’re forced to up the ante, and choose your poison. Water? Meh. Pop. Ew. Milk? Filling. Truth: Sweetness never ends if you’ve always got something sweeter to top it.

Those cute little treats are just getting us started. Seriously, they make billions of these mini treats for a reason and it’s not so they can fit in mini mouths. It’s so you can eat a thousand of them while deluding yourself into thinking you’re safe from weight gain and pimples. All you need now is the right wine to enjoy with them.

Surprise! There’s an app for that, and it comes in the form of a guide to help you find the perfect wine vintage to pair with your sweet treats.


What? You’ve never heard of Vivino? It’s an app for wine lovers, also known as your partner in wine. You should always have your partner with you, ready to help you pick, remember and share your vino. All you do is take a pic of any wine label to uncork pricing, ratings, reviews, food paring suggestions and recommendations from the biggest community of more than 10 million wine lovers.

As if that’s not handy enough, today Vivino takes us one step closer to heaven by appealing to chocoholics and oenophiles alike—um, isn’t that every woman on the planet?—with the release of its annual Candy and Wine Match Maker, just in time for our favourite holiday. That’s right. This is an app that pairs Halloween Candy with wine.

OK, now wouldn’t you love to be an app tester for this one?

This app is truly a Halloween survival guide for adults, replete with a chart that lists 14 Halloween faves to match with wines organized by category. All you do is hover over any of the candies in the app see which wine is the perfect partner and get to work. Talk about boosting the pleasure factor while you’re spending your night handing out candy.

So, what should you drink with your Kit Kat? Bingo! Try a medium red such as your fave Pinot Noir (the brand choice is always yours). For Hershey’s, go with a Syrah instead.

Now, wanna know which vino to drink with your Tootsie Rolls, M&Ms, Starburst, Twizzlers and Skittles? It’s all there, laid out right here in a map to candy heaven. Go ahead, tell us you can resist this one.

We double dare you.

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