Ever since we first started using tampons—way back in our preteens when the word carried so much feminine mystique we’d whisper it—we’ve recognized our womanhood. It was a special rite of passage for sure. Think about it. Getting your period for the first time isn’t really THE milestone. It’s just the beginning.

Truth: It was learning how to deal comfortably with your feminine body in its messiest state that really matured us. Those bulky pads were way too cumbersome (and let’s face it, we love wearing white and shorts and even white shorts) so tampons were like a godsend, and one we had to learn to master. These mysterious objects have become the key to surviving and even thriving during what we call that time of month or any number of fashionable girl code words: a visit from Aunt Flo, cousin Red, on the rag, shark week, the crimson wave.

OK, you get the idea.

Next step: Which tampons to choose as our go-to BFF each month. Feminine Mystique- How Tampons Turned Us into Women

The brand that made us most curious, hands down, was o.b.® tampons. Because they’ve got no applicator, using one for the first time by inserting it into just the right spot with your finger was a brand new experience in feminine protection. But let’s face it, we women love control—especially when it comes to our bodies. So it’s no wonder we are now o.b. pros, and we have been since day one. And we can say this: Give o.b. one period, and you’ll be a pro, too. Just like that. In the meantime, if you’ve got questions, we’ve got answers.


What’s revolutionary about these tampons? The original o.b.® tampon had no applicator and launched in Europe. It caught on in North America due in large part to its phenomenal protection and inconspicuous size. Great for carrying around, the design itself was revolutionary in the world of tampons and played to women’s need for discreet yet reliable protection.

Is it hard to insert o.b. tampons?  Not at all. Fingertip insertion allows you to follow the natural curve of the vaginal canal and insert the tampon where it is most comfortable for your body. When it’s in the right place, you won’t feel it. You’ll actually be surprised at your instinctive ability to know where to place it. Plus,o.b. ® tampons are designed to fit your unique shape and stay put so you never have to worry that one will fall out get lost inside you.

Is it messy to insert without an applicator? Nope. A finger pocket at the base of the tampon helps protect your fingertip. After you unwrap the o.b.® tampon, pull the string to widen the base and put your finger in the newly created indentation. As you insert the tampon, your fingertip remains covered. Since there’s no applicator between you and the tampon, the o.b. ® tampon begins to absorb as you insert it. And there’s no messy applicator to deal with.

o.b.® tampons look pretty small. Will I have to change it more often? No way. These tampons are small and mighty! The FLUIDLOCK® grooves draw fluid into the centre core, all while expanding to fit your unique shape. This gives you up to eight hours of amazing protection. Your flow level will determine how often you should change your tampon and what absorbency you should use. Start with o.b. regular and then switch to a larger size, if necessary. They’re available in a range of absorbencies—Regular, Super, Super Plus and Ultra. 

Can you give me some instructions?

  • Step 1: Since your hands will be your primary tools here, definitely wash them before and after! Then make sure your o.b.® tampon is sealed. Pull on the coloured tear strip to remove the wrapper. Find the string on one end of the tampon and pull it tight from left to right and top to bottom. This widens the base of the tampon, creating a protected pocket for your finger.
  • Step 2: Place your index finger in the pocket and get a firm hold on the tampon with your thumb and middle finger. Next, stand with one leg up (rest your foot on the toilet or bathtub) or sit on the toilet.
  • Step 3: Take a deep breath to relax. With your free hand, gently hold open the skin around the vaginal opening. Now take the o.b.®  tampon, and with the full length of your index finger, ease it in, aiming toward your lower back. When the tampon is in the right place, you won’t feel it. If you do, push it a little further in. Leave the string hanging outside of your body.

When it’s time to remove your tampon (remember to change it at least every eight hours), wash your hands, take a deep breath to relax, and gently but firmly tug at the string. That’s it! No messy applicator, no recycling, no nothing. Just small and mighty protection, right where you need it.

For more info on o.b.® tampons and special offers, visit GiveUsOnePeriod.ca. You can also follow us on Twitter at @ob_Canada and join the conversation with #GiveUsOnePeriod. Note: This post was sponsored by OB Tampons. We were compensated for the writing, but all opinions are our own. 

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