If you’re anything like us, the best part of your holidays is the downtime. Taking our time, moving in slo-mo as if we’re swimming in syrup, enjoying a break without any guilt. There’s no better feeling on earth than spending all day doing NOTHING. Please, people. Just let us lie in bed, staring for hours at the small screen, and we’re golden.

We’ve already shown you just how much we love our top 5 Christmas Chick Flicks, starring those old snuggle-down-by-myself faves that only we girls can really appreciate. Of course, we’ll also be watching these 10 Netflix sleeper hits while it’s cold outside and we’re making the space for entertainment. And then there are those holiday faves we can hardly wait to revisit every December, the ones that make us feel all gooey inside.

So this year, which holiday movies should we watch? There are so many that we put the question to our Brazen Insiders: What’s your favourite holiday movie of all time—and why? 

Need some festive, restive inspiration this season? Check out the slideshow we created just for you. Believe it or not, there are some picks here that even we haven’t seen, along with a few we’re so thrilled to be reminded of that we can smell the popcorn already. Oh, and speaking of popcorn, have you tried Fireworks yet? Because this stuff is golden. Now go get your blanket and get ready to stare at a screen. You deserve this.

Did we miss any?




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